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Jan 26, 2009 11:38 AM

Large family BD dinner - Pleasanton

I'm hosting a birthday celebration over Presidents' Day weekend (either Sunday or Monday night) for a party of between 15-20 people, including 3 children under 6 and 2 vegans. Asian and Mexican cuisine are out, based on the personal preferences of the birthday person. We're hoping to hold the party in the Pleasanton area, and a private room would be helpful. Money isn't an issue - at this point, I'll pay just about anything to keep the troops happy. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here are some previous posts that you might find helpful. I've attended business dinners at both Stacey's and Hap's and I think they might fit your needs. You might also look at Baci in downtown Pleasanton or Faz on Hopyard. Good luck planning your dinner!

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      Thanks so much for the recommendations!

    2. Give Wente Restaurant in Livermore a call.

      1. You also might want to consider Girasole. They have a private room and a semi private room. They have several vegetarian items on the menu. I brought a group of 30 there once and they did a very nice job.

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          Thanks to all who responded! Greatly appreciate the suggestions. We'll decide this weekend, and I'll report back after the event.