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Jan 26, 2009 11:18 AM

Little Giant or...

We're taking a group of 7 to a photo exhibit at Verlaine on Rivington (beautiful photos, great cocktails but no food) and we'd like to have dinner afterward hopefully within walking distance. I like Little Giant, but we went a couple of weeks ago and the food was disappointing but we didn't see the chef/owner in the kitchen. Does anyone know if there have been changes there, or was she just taking a night off? Any other suggestions? We love 'inoteca but since we'll have Italians and Parisians with us, we thought we'd avoid specifically Italian or French places but maybe we should reconsider. I welcome all thoughts. Thanks.

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  1. Go to Rayuela. It's an aesthetically pleasing and really fun scene. Plus, your European friends don't have much access to South American food.

    1. Okay, I'll try it. Any thoughts about what to order?

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        I haven't gone wrong there. Definitely include an arepa, the quail app, a couple of ceviches, and several cocktails.

      2. I'd suggest Prune. ... if you can make the exrtra walk (1st Street and 1st Ave)

        1. How about Kuma Inn for South East Asian Tapas.

          1. Thanks for all the advice. Since I've never been to Prune or Kuma Inn I was a little concerned about squeezing a table for 7 in what seemed like tiny places so I booked Rayuela. But after reading about them, I'm definitely up for trying those others. We go tonight, so I'll report on the results.