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Jan 26, 2009 11:15 AM

Sabor Divino Edmonton

Is this place new? located at 10220-103 Street, or have I just not heard of it. looks italian. anyone been? menu has promise as does the atmosphere (lots of pics on the website)

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  1. cleopatra999:

    I think it is quite new. I heard about wholly by accident while reading an Edmonton oriented food blog.

    Portugese as I understand it and I noted a number of items that I would like to try.

    Have not made it over to the Boardwalk recently but it is on my "to try" list as well.

    Spent most of last week at 100 so was going the other direction for lunches.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      where/what is Boardwalk? have not heard of it either. lots of new restos opening up in this recession time!

      1. re: cleopatra999

        Boardwalk is the building that Centre High is in, and also has The Crepiere, Hawelli, and Spaghetti Factory in it. Across the street from the Bay building.

        1. re: anonymoose

          oh...LOL, I thought that it was a new restaurant.

    2. Does anyone have any praise for this place. Menu looks good and the space looks quite inviting...

      1. It's really close to my office so I've been going to Sabor a few times for lunch. I've tried the Grilled tuna, the tagliatelle and prawns and the steak sandwhich. I really enjoyed it. Food was amazing and the service was fast. Especially for lunch. I wasn't sure what to expect from such a new place but they had it together and I was impressed with the food, the atmosphere and the staff. I would recommend it to everyone. In fact, I'm hosting a party there I enjoyed it so much!

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        1. re: u2ka

          This another example of how different posters can perceive a restaurant depending upon the evening.

          I have intended to try this spot but sure would not have been impressed had I just read the post below where a horrible experience was encountered as contrasted with u2ka's positive comments above.

          chacun a son gout I guess....I do have a hankering for frango piri-pirir

          1. re: Bob Mac

            The post by "MsHayworth" is difficult to assess as the poster has no other postings in Chowhound under that name. We await your review while drinking properly made caipirinhas...

            1. re: felix the hound

              Unfortunately, same can be said about u2ka's post. Hopefully someone with more forum activity can respond.

              I'm always a bit suspicious when there's only 2 polar opposite reviews for a new place.

              1. re: kashirat

                felix the hound/kashirat:

                LOL....mind you, I have never tried cacaca...I am more a Lemon Hart or London Dock dark rum fan [smile] but given the wonders of google I now know how to make a proper cappirinhas [smile]


                1. re: kashirat

                  exactly what i was thinking! has there been a reputable review of this place yet?

                  1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                    Pardon my naivety....I understand why someone would post a 'false' positive review, for instance from a staff member or owner. But who would post a 'false' negative review? competing restaurant??

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      I think the concern is about how to judge the person's review if that's the only one they've posted. Are they being too picky? Are they not being picky enough? I know someone who finds criticism with every place they eat at, so if they actually say a place is "not bad" then it means it's one of the most fantastic places around.

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        I was not suggesting any ulterior motives. The beauty of a bulletin board community like chowhound is developing an understanding of how any particular poster judges the food and describes their experience. For instance, if bob mac, or anonymoose or yeng had posted their review of sabor divino i would have a much better sense of where they are coming from... solely based on their postings over the years.