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Jan 26, 2009 11:11 AM

Peruvian and Hawaiian restaurants in Salt Lake City?

I helping my niece-in-law and nephew in setting up a party for my sister birthday where the theme is to provide food, to the guests, from all the places she had traveled to. Some foods we will be making and some foods will be catered. Do any of you Chowhounders have any suggestions where we can find any Peruvian and/or Hawaiian restaurants located in Salt Lake?

Thanks a bunch!!

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  1. Is El Chalan still in business? I think that's a Peruvian restaurant.

    1. El Chalan is a good Peruvian spot (300 W 1500S?). I 've heard there might be a second Peruvian restaurant in town (Macchu Picchu?) that's worth a try.

      For Hawaiian, your best bet is L&L Barbeque, part of an authentic Hawaiian chain. There's a location at 700 E 400 S.