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Jan 26, 2009 11:02 AM

Need a Apricot Brandy sauce recipe.

I have eaten at Rabia's in the North End a few times and love their Margherita- Pollo which has a Gran Marnier sauce. I did not want to spend the money and bought apricot brandy and am hoping someone has a good recipe for a sauce that I can serve with chicken cutlets. I searched the internet and nothing is coming up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. a. you could have bought a small bottle of grand marnier to make a better at-home version.

    b. do a web search for "apricot sauce", many of which ask for dessert wine, and you'll find 100's of recipes.

    c. you can macerate dried apricots in warmed apricot brandy for a sauce-- maybe add a little ginger and black peper.

    d. this will likely wind up on the home cooking board.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      I thought of getting a smaller bottle also. I will do it next time. I only searched for apricot brandy sauce so I will try it w/out the brandy this time. Thanks for your suggestions!

      1. re: lulatula

        My wife and I have used this recipe with chicken/duck/turkey with success. Our version, after some trial & error: we leave out the tawny port & increase the (apricot ) brandy to approx. 1/4 cup, 1-2 Tbs. of finely chopped dried apricot, 2 Tbs. of balsamic.

        Give it a try ! It may take 2-3 attempts to get the flavor to your taste.

    2. Hi, lulatula. Try posting on the Homecooking board. Some really helpful and generous people over there. I'm guessing you'll get a few different recipes, and if you can remember what you liked about Rabia's sauce and describe it, you might get something pretty close.

      1. I have a great recipe and use it with duck, great with turkey breasts too or boneless skinless chicken. It has a bit but still a little tang with shallots. It is a great simple glaze or thin sauce. I like to serve this with mashed parsnips for a tang or simple potatoes and celery root for a bit of savory. A nice roasted asparagus or brussel sprouts with a light drizzle of honey, butter and pepper is perfect. Simple and great. Here is the recipe.

        I just made it one day, I had apricot brandy from the holidays, I like it warmed with apple cider and I had current jelly which I use for cooking a lot. So this is what I made. That was 10 years ago or more.

        1/2 cup current jelly (right next to strawberry jam, lol). You could use apple or raspberry
        I guess, any fruit of your choice if you wanted.
        1/4 cup brandy
        1 cup chicken broth
        1 small shallot diced
        2 tablespoons butter
        2 tablespoons of fresh thyme chopped
        1 cup chicken stock
        2 tablespoons fresh parsley
        Salt and pepper to taste

        To the same pan you cook the chicken in add the shallot and cook 1-2 minutes untl soft, add the brandy and light with a match to let the alcohol burn off, add the broth, jelly, seasoning, and herbs and reduce 3-4 minutes. Add the butter at the end and serve over the chicken. Just simple and easy. You can also add a little heavy cream to make a cream sauce if you want.