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Jan 26, 2009 09:29 AM

BYOB for B-Day Dinner (Phila)


Long time reader but this is my first post. I am looking for a place to have a suprise b-day dinner for my so. I expect 8-12 people total. The main requirement is it has to be BYOB. I would love to get a private room, buty if not then I would like somewhere where we can hang as long as we want without being rushed. Also, I don't envision a big elabortate SURPRISE when guest of honor gets there but I also don't want our group of friends sitting in the middel of a crowded restuarant when she arrives. I would like the ability to do a set menu with a few choices for each couse bu this is not a deal breaker. I am hopeing to be between $30 and $50 per person.

Nothing to exotic in terms of cuisine as most of the group are not foodies.

For location, we are in the NE. Center City is ideal becuase there would be plently of places to go after, but would consider South Philly or a close suburb of the NE.

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  1. Pesto has a small private room where you're pretty much left to hang out and eat. I had a group of 8, no set menu (but they offer it), and the waiter was attentive and we weren't rushed.

    I think Branzino also has a private room, but they turn tables around quite fast there.

    1. If you're willing to go as far as University City/West Philly, Marigold Kitchen has some private rooms upstairs.

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        I haven't been to Marigold for a larger group, but I think their food is spot on--creative, but accessible. They have also always been very accomodating with all my requests, so I'm sure they would work with you.

      2. Bumping this post because I'm looking for something similar. I'm entertaining a 10-15 person group and would like to a BYO one night. Center City is much preferred and my biggest concern is getting rushed out of somewhere. This will be a Friday night, probably around 9 or so.

        I'm currently considering Salento, Branzino, La Viola, La Locanda Del Ghiottone and Giorgio's on Pine.

        Any experiences with those places or other suggestions?

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          Modo Mio fits the bill of the original post in that it does a set menu and offers a number of choices per course on the turista menu ($32 pp maybe?). It is not center city, rather in Fishtown, but I had a great birthday dinner there in April for 8 on a Saturday night. It was crowded and loud but I don't mind that, and we were not rushed. I would definitely recommend a reservation in any event.

          I also like La Viola, but think the food at Modo Mio is far superior. I'm not familiar with the other places on your list.

          Have fun!

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            I LOVE Modo Mio but I have a tough time envisioning a 10-15 person group in there...

            1. re: sadiefox

              I would recommend Marigold Kitchen. you can be seated in a small private room and plan a menu in advance. It is quiet, not rushed, great food and service, and BYO. we celebrate all of our special evenets there.

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              We had a terrific experience at Salento this past weekend. Our table of five ordered a lot of different things, and it was all great. The service was excellent as well.

              1. re: vicarious

                I've never been there with a large group, but I've had great experiences at Salento as well. Their gnocchi is one of my favorite dishes anywhere, and the staff has been great.