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Jan 26, 2009 09:26 AM

Whole Foods in Milford, CT?

I saw this weekend that the Whole Foods sign is up on the Post Road. Does anyone have any info on the progress. The last I heard was that they were waiting town approvals on the El Torrero property.

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    1. Hallelujiah I thought it was dead in the water like Stews! Looks like Tengda Asian Bistro is going to be there too - Score.

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      1. re: debvil

        That 'Tengda Coming Soon' sign has been up for over forever. I don't think it will ever come in, same brown paper with no activity for over a year+. Their westport/greenwich website makes no mention of opening a Milford location. Last article I read said it was scheduled to open June 2007--uh, you're just a little delayed! I think IT is "dead in the water." I hope it still comes.

        1. re: cheereeo

          I stand corrected. Just received Clipper coupon magazine in the mail and it says "GRAND OPENING" with Tengda coupons. Website still does not acknowledge it. 203/877-8888 - no one currently answering but early AM.

          1. re: cheereeo

            Saw the same flyer in the mail and thought they might be open Friday night, Feb 13. We drove up and saw signs of life (looks like they were setting up and working on finishing touches). While we are able to walk in and check it out, Tengda was not serving anything up to customers... yet.

            1. re: edorney

              I tried to place a take-out order on Friday night, but the guy said they (Tengda) weren't opening until 2/18. So I tried the new Thai place in Milford Center--quite good--there's a post on it here--A taste of Thai or something like that.

      2. great to hear...would save me the drive

        1. Nice, just in time for the depression. However, I did notice that there was a lot of stuff on sale last time I was in the West Hartford WH.

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          1. re: newhavener07

            Whole Foods is getting the space ready in the new Milford Marketplace @ 1668 Post Rd.
            Looks like the forced El Torrero out for nothing..

            1. re: louds911

              I new that was going to happen with El Torreo! Glad to see Whole Foods finally opening!

              1. re: javaandjazz

                I heard they bought out the Motel too in order to have the required parking or something that the City wanted them to have. I think El Torero moved out on their own prior and then had that coincidental fire right after they moved out? Hmmmmmmm???

                1. re: cheereeo

                  tengda opens tonight. i saw a sign on the door over the weekend. whole foods is slated to open in "late 2009" according to