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Jan 26, 2009 08:47 AM

One Dinner and One Breakfast in Seattle—Where?!

I'll be in Seattle for one day this coming weekend and am looking for an affordable place (bad economy) to have breakfast/brunch (up to $12 for a good, hearty breakfast) and dinner (up to $20 for an entree). Any recommendations?

Will be staying in Downtown, near the Pike Place Market.

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  1. Breakfast/Brunch-
    Cafe Campagne, Le Pichet, Lola's, Macrina Bakery

    Steelhead Diner, A lighter meal at The Palace Kitchen, UMI sake house

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    1. re: natalie.warner

      Or historic Lowell's in the Market for breakfast.

      There are alot of <$20 dinners, many depending on your cuisine preferences. It migth be hard to do the top tier NW/local fare at that rate, unless you go happy hour. You can take a quick bus up to Quinn's in Capitol Hill, amazing pub fare. Spring hill in West Seattle might be in that price range, but its a longer haul.

      1. re: natalie.warner

        I second Cafe Campagne, Cafe Presse too.

        For dinner... maybe add what kind of food you are looking for?

        1. re: nseattlefoodie

          Hi! I looked at Cafe Campagne's menu, and I think I want something more standard American fare. Here's a comparable menu from one of my favorites in LA:

          And I'd like a menu somewhere along these lines for dinner:

          Bistro, but interesting and with a good selection on the menu.


          1. re: geezopeez

            For breakfast, based on the menu for Meditrina Cafe, I'd recomment CJ's Eatery on 1st and Cedar.

            For dinner, based on the menu for Nook Bistro, I'd recommend Quinn's.

            1. re: geezopeez

              Lola, Portage Bay Cafe, and Lowell's are worth a look.Even Athenian, if you are brave, have a hangtown fry...

        2. Here's an idea for dinner - how about happy hour -at one place or progressive. For example, we just had happy hour at Il Bistro in the Market. For anywhere between 2.95 and 5.95, you get a small plate of various apps, pastas, salads. Sweetie and I had the seared calamari, wild mushroom risotto which were great. Had we added a salad and/or another pasta, we'd have felt like we had a full meal.

          1. If you're not interested in taking a cab:
            - Breakfast at Le Pichet for a casual French breakfast
            - Dinner at Serious Pie for unique pizza from Seattle restaurant legend Tom Douglas

            If you don't mind springing for a cab:
            - Breakfast at The Hi-Spot Cafe for a full breakfast menu served in a charming neighborhood setting.
            - Dinner at How to Cook a Wolf for amazing handmade pasta in a beautiful little restaurant (reservations required)

            How to Cook a Wolf
            2208 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

            Le Pichet
            1933 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

            Serious Pie
            316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

            Hi-Spott Cafe
            1410 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

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            1. re: frygirl

              Wolf doesn't take reservations (at least for regular sized parties) the times I have been.

              I second Le Pichet, Cafe Campagne--won't need a cab. To have dinner without a cab: Txori has very small plates and very good Basque/Spanish food. I think you could do Lola or Palace Kitchen on your budget. Both are good choices because they are very Northwestern, even though Lola's is ostensibly Greek.

              1. re: cocktailhour

                We'll have a car, so something a bit out of the way—but not *too* out of the way—would be OK!

            2. If you're into a standard American breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast) consider Etta's Seafood which is next to Pike Place Market. I at there today and ordered the "Etta's Breakfast" which is the standard fare: two eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast and choice of Bavarian Meats thick cut bacon or house-made chicken sausage. I ordered eggs over easy and I requested the bacon.

              This breakfast edges out those I've had at other Seattle restaurants for the following reasons:

              (1) My two eggs over easy were perfectly cooked and were NOT swimming in butter or oil. Bonus points for that.

              (2) The three strips of bacon I received was indeed thick cut, and very delicious. I requested my bacon crispy, and they delivered to a T. It was crunchy without being charred.

              (3) The toast isn't a couple of slices of Orowheat. It's a thick slice cut from a fresh country-style loaf. What a treat it is. I assume it's baked at Dahlia Bakery, but I didn't confirm that. It is certainly an artisan bread.

              (4) The breakfast potatoes are well seasoned and cooked perfectly. However, I found mine to be just a wee bit too salty, but not so much that it was unpleasant to eat.

              My dining partner ordered the same breakfast, but with the chicken sausage option. I tasted her sausage which was very juicy and insanely flavorful. What's the magic ingredient? I don't know, but it's very good.

              The "Etta's Breakfast" dish at the time I wrote this review is $8.95, no more costly than breakfast at a Seattle dive restaurant, but with several touches that make it edge out the competition. Plus you get the upscale Etta's service and a fantastic cup of coffee to boot.

              Etta's Seafood
              2020 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121