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New York Pizza - Charlotte

No, I'm not starting another pizza fight here on the board. This one is about a new pizza place that just opened at South Blvd and Archdale (in same plaza as Japiur and Pho 98) - New York Pizza.

My wife and I were real excited when we saw the sign go up, as we live in Starmount and this is walking distance to us. We stopped in on Monday for a slice each with really high hopes - you call it NY Pizza and that is what I expect. Gotta say - it was pretty darn good.

The pizza is handmade, with big floppy slices, just the right amount of sauce and cheese. The crust has that familiar chew - you pull it off with that snap-like consistency, and then it is charred and chewy and delicious.

We went back on Friday for a full pie - 16" with big slices, very good. Our 16" cheese was $12 and we only ate half of it... great value I think.

They also do dinners (baked ziti, manicotti, stuffed shells, chicken/eggplant parm) as well as sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Cannoli's and cheesecake looked great.

Frankly, we only have had the pizza but we will be back for more.

It is a family run place that looks like a pizza place - counter up front, booths/tables, paper towels, cheese/red pepper/oregano shakers on the tables.

I'm not going to get into a ranking thing, as we all have ideas of what makes a pizza good and which we like best - but as a NY transplant I think this pizza is really, really good.

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  1. Thanks for the headsup, mcap! I work nearby and will have to check this place out for lunch sometime soon.

    1. Wow, these pizza places are popping up all over town.

      I live in South Charlotte and in addition to Carmella's, Palone's and Marino's, newly opened around here are Lorenzo's (corner of Marvin & Ardrey Kell Rds) and Brooklyn Pizza Parlor (Colony Rd). All of which serve traditional NY/PA pizza.

      Do you suppose there is a mass exodus of pie makers out of the northeast making there way down here in search of warmer weather and hungry transplants?

      I think it's great. Now, if only I could find a decent hoagie served up on a good roll.

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        I know this is totally inconvenient for you but I had a cheese steak at LaSpada's in Cornelius a few weekends ago and it was delicious. I wonder if their hoagie is as good: http://www.laspadas.com/ColdSubs.htm

        1. re: HungryGrayCat

          I gotta try this place, and I will and get back to you.
          PS: is a hoagie a sub? -:)

          1. re: GodfatherofLunch

            Haha, good catch. It is on the west coast (where I'm from) so I didn't flinch.

            While you're up there in 'burbs, check out Ferrucci's Market too.

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            Hmmm, this is interesting. It appears that this place is part of a family chain. It originally started w/ Tony, an Italian immigrant living in Chester PA. He opened the first store in Jersey and then his son John opened several stores throughout the tri-state area. John Jr. moved to South Florida in the 70's and opened several more stores before moving to the Orlando area and opening yet more stores. Now, his son, a 4th Generation LaSpada in the biz, has started operations in NC.

            Interesting. Honestly, I'm a little leery of the chain aspect but I'd like to try it. In looking at their menu and the pics, they don't look like what I consider to be a traditional hoagie. I've never seen a hoagie w/ meat wrapped around the LTO like they apparently do in their FL shops (http://www.laspadashoagies.com/index.php). This is maybe a special thing they do.

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              That place on East Blvd inthe Harris Teeter shopping center... Little Village or something??? ...closed. I can't even remember the name.

          3. re: lynnlato

            There is a place in downtown Gastonia named Cantalupe's. VERY GOOD Italian. They get their rolls from Cassone's Bakery in Yonkers (sold now by US Foods). Very reasonable prices. Cute little place if you are ever down that way. Haven't eatn dinner there as it's kind of a hike from Matthews. Give it a try.

            1. re: BDM1

              Good to know, thanks. I have a friend in Gastonia who is originally from NJ. I'll have to ask her about it. You had me at "They get their rolls from Cassone's Bakery in Yonkers (sold now by US Foods). "

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                Cantalupe's ...Now open on Union Rd in Gastonia, took over the old Carolina BBQ place between Garrison and Hudson on Union Rd. The phone we had was great , nice place , good service, we needed another Italian place, this one is good.

                  1. re: CharlotteChowhound

                    LOL! I was wondering the same thing earlier. God knows I love my phone but I have never tasted it.

                    1. re: southernitalian

                      I've always thought that Yankees had odd ideas about food, but this takes the cake...

                  2. re: emts

                    my daughter and Ijust returned from Cantalupe's. I have now eaten in all three different locations, the original location in the old gas station, the downtown location, and Union Rd ex Carolina Country BBQ location. Our pizza was terrible, the crust was simultaneously burned, soggy and strangely sweet. My daughters penne w/pesto and chicken was , at best , edible. I really should have ordered the phone....

                1. re: BDM1

                  Hope you were there quickly - sounds like they closed due to "landlord issues". Supposedly they will reopen somewhere close by.

              2. Mcap, Thanks for a great referral. I stopped by today for a slice. When I first pulled in I noticed Pho 98 is closed. I saw Japiur looked pretty busy, I have to get back in there for the Indian lunch buffet soon. I was at first concerned as I did not see any New York Pizza. Good thing I'm persistent and found it all the way over to the right. This pizza is the real deal. First it passed the fold test. NY'ers don't use a knife and fork to eat pizza. We pick it up and give it a fold in the center. If its got the real NY thing going on it stays straight and does not bend and that what this slice did. The crust was right on, crunchy, crispy with that head jerk Lynnlato speaks of. All the components work together, the crust the sauce and the cheese all come together in pizza bliss. The cheese is gooey, stringy and flavorful just the way I like it. Call me old school but I gotta you I was in a fancy gourmet pizza place in town recently and I just didn't get it. They promote the crust as the most important part of the pizza experience and then make it so thin you can hardly taste it. The Pizza at New York Pizza had harmony it all just worked to create a real old school New York pizza pie. For me it was real pizza pleasure at a fraction of the price. So Hats off to you mcap!!!!!!

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                1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                  Okay, I could totally eat pizza for breakfast right now. Man, I want a slice!

                  1. re: lynnlato

                    Its the breakfast of champions! Move over Wheeties

                    1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                      We have NY Pizza here in the Triangle area. Is it the same people? Their pie is pretty awesome here.

                      1. re: Suzy Q

                        I don't know it as a fact but I very much doubt it.

                        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                          Glad you liked it GFL - I find myself craving it regularly now. In my opinion, their crust is the best I've had around here.

                          I think NY Pizza here in Charlotte is a local spot - it is a family run business. They moved down from Connecticut after 20 years of making pizza up there...

                          As for Pho 98, it seems to be open some days, closed others. It's a total crapshoot - since I live nearby I pass it everyday. Sometimes open at lunch, sometimes closed. Saw it closed on a Friday night, open Saturday afternoon. Not sure what is going on..

                          Jaipur - love it. Might not be the "best" Indian in town, but I love their weekend dinner buffet - naan is great, and love the goat curry. They are always pretty busy, and the service is great.

                          1. re: mcap

                            Totally off the pizza thing but what the heck is going on with Pho 98? They continue to put out that huge buffet although business is way off (when it is open). That's got to be a huge financial drain. They need to stick to the basics (pho!), be open consistently, and ALWAYS have at least one person on staff who speaks English. I hate to think of that place closing!!! Now the NYer in me will get back to pizza - Anzi's pizza in Stonecrest. Really close to the real thing! I still think Carmella's might be a smidge better.

                            1. re: southernitalian

                              A quick update on Pho 98 as per the conversation above -

                              walked by there this weekend and there is a sign on the door saying they are having trouble with kitchen equipment and had to close down for a couple weeks to repair everything.

                              They ask their "friends" to be patient and "come back to us when we re-open". There was no exact re-open date...

                2. i went here, and it was amazing. not only was the food good, but the service was good too. Its a great family environment, and has a real pizzeria feel to it. I suggest everyone go by there and try it, you won't regret it!! If for nothing else, the ladies will appreciate the guy that will most likely be making your pizza!

                  1. Thanks for the review! I go that way once in a while and can always use a good slice on my travels Gotta love these NY style joints that sell by the slice! Makes me not so homesick!
                    By the way this is on the same South blvd. that has Luigis pizza with the upside down sign? what in the world? lol
                    I might have missed out on some of the best pizza in Charlotte and I'll never know.But I could not bring myself in there due to that stupid sign.

                    1. I've only been in Charlotte for 2 weeks and I've eaten here 3 times. The first night I was here, I found NY Pizza at 9:00pm, right at closing time.

                      I asked if they still had any slices and they gave me the last 2 slices that was for one of them. It was so good that I couldn't wait to eat it b4 getting home and totally burned the roof of my mouth.

                      Last night, while waiting for my slices, I watched as they made a meatball sub. It was huge and looked incredible. I think I will try a sandwich next.

                      Definitely a good find.

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                      1. re: Jim_IT

                        I love this place. I never would've eaten here if everyone here hadn't raved about it. The staff is super nice and has even made me a pie when I called at 9:05 (they close at 9:00...oops!). I still love Luigis but I now split my time between the two. Still haven't tried anything else on the menu because I love the pizza...

                        Oh and to Ciao_Italia above, Luigi's with the upside-down sign is not the pizza place I and many others love. That Luigi's is down S. Tryon at 485.

                        1. re: billyjack

                          I love these guys. I will do anything to help them establish a staple clientel, because they have the best pizza I've tasted in 43 years.

                          If you are in the Charlotte area, around Tyvola & south, or within 15 minutes of there, it is worth your while to try their pizza. You won't be disappointed!!!!!

                          p.s. They also will deliver!!!

                          1. re: Jim_IT

                            I think you mean Tyvola and Tryon and I agree that Luigi's does it right in my book.

                            1. re: asiansatan

                              I think Jim_IT was referring to "New York Pizza" which is near Tyvola and South. Actually at Archdale and South next to Big Lots.

                      2. This is based on two visits. A sit down oder and a pie to go.
                        Finally made it here and upon entering I gotta say I was excited.! I grew up in an area with one of these on every corner.

                        Small place, obviously Yankee fan's. (the team that is) LOVE the black and white
                        Friendly guy tossing up the dough!
                        Then we looked at the menu (Yankee pinstripes on that also!) NY PIzza is their name and the menu is basically pizza ,so I can't sue them for false advertisment.( NO EGGPLANT PARM mcap!) NO veal or shrimp .I was bummed ! We went to try the pizza but I can't help judge a place on the E .P .P. So we ordered a Lg pie (nice prices) garlic knots were huge. The stand out item here was the meatball parm sub we ordered .They put the emphasis on the parm part for sure. We counted about three to four big balls(ha!) cut in half swimming in sea of parm.(good bread, sauce was decent) it's a great deal for 6.95 cause it comes with fries (we did not care for the FF)

                        Now to the pizza. At first glance we said yes another pizza option. This was not the case once we tasted it.(plain pizza is the test) It had barley ANY sauce (I thing these guys like cheese) and the crust was way to chewy . Perfect circle and nice thin crust though. I got a pie to go on another visit just to test the hold up and taste and consistency. Wasn't bad. Just not some of the best I have had. Would I go back? For the MBP sub. We just would not drive out of our way to get to NY Pizza .

                        Health score was a 97.5 and the place was spotless,which made us laugh because we had just ate at Taqueria Mexico (review to follow) right down the road and our focus there was straight to the health score cause the place was icky and scored a 98.5.
                        Yeah, yeah I know hounds in gerneral don't care as long as the food is good, yada, yada yada. But this hound prefers the package deal with exceptions made.

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                        1. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                          I pretty much agree about the pizza. I got a delivery from NY Pizza last night and thought it was just ok. Certainly not terrible, but certainly nothing special.

                          1. re: bbqdawg

                            I had a medium pie today. Good, nice chewy thin crust but too greasy and limp in the middle. Too much sauce perhaps. It was good, but I don't like it when the center doesn't firm up.

                          2. re: Ciao Italia Foodie

                            They used to have eggplant parm I think - maybe removed from menu or I was imaging yet.

                            As far as the pizza - to each their own. I love this place, and have never had a bad pie. Other love Luigi's to death, and I give it a good not great. That's why there is more than one place to get your fix.

                          3. I dig New York Pizza. I rate it #2 in Charlotte. # 1 is Luigis.
                            They INHO make the best pizza in town. Big News---- Luigis is opening a 2nd location. They will be opening a new place in the location next door to the Harris Teeter on East Blvd. Formerly some loser pizza place and before that mellow mushroom. The combination of this location and this amazing Pizza is going to be HUGE. Remember you heard it here first from GFL. Before anyone observed or loafed it

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                              Unfortunately, the East Blvd. location of Luigi's has closed. Apparently, HT is expanding over into that space. I hope Luigi's finds another location nearby.

                            2. Although I live just around the corner (Montclaire/ Starmount) from NY Pizza I only recently discovered it. In my never ending search for a good cheesesteak (being a native born Charlottean I am not sure I know if I like an authentic Philly or some ilk cheesesteak) I stopped in and tried theirs. It was ok, although I was embarassed to ask for mayonaise on it which would have made it just fantastic (hey no comments, I did mention I was a native born southerner). What impressed me with the possibilities was the roll. Just the right amount of chewey. It was good enough for me to back and try the pizza. Now, I am not a tremendous pizza fan. For me, it's all about the crust. Their crust is PERFECT. Again, just the right amount of chewy. (If you like Mellow Mushroom crust it also was a little chewy). I ordered the Bianca pizza with tomatoes and spinach. The Bianca is a white pizza with mozzarella on it. Delicious. I have ordered it several times since. I will eventually try the calzone but I can't imagine anything topping the Bianca with my tasetebuds. I am glad our neighborhood finally has a good Italian restuarant close by. There are some good Mexican places and Jaipur is also good.

                              1. After extensive pizza tests over the last 2 years coming from someone that was a regular at Brooklyn's DiFaras (best pizza in the WORLD) and Grimaldi's, Manhattan's Patsy's and John's, and someone who for the first nine months after moving to Charlotte was completely miserable because I couldn't find a decent slice (Palone's came close the first time, but sorely disappointed on my three follow ups), I'm ready to decree that the best pizza in Charlotte is:

                                1. Lorenzo's Pizzeria on the corner of Ardrey Kell and Marvin Road - Just found this place about 2 weeks ago based on the recommendation of another pizzaholic and I was surprised. It's probably the best slice I've had discounting the pizza legends named above, and that includes almost every other place in NY except for the above named. Crust was done perfectly, sauce and cheese blended the way they're supposed to. After talking to the two owners, I'm not surprised that they moved down here about 7 or 8 years ago from Brooklyn/Staten Island. It's definitely the best NY pizza in Charlotte

                                2. New York Pizza - Used to be #1 by default. Now it's a respectable, but distant, #2. Since it's closer and more convenient than Lorenzo's, it's still my regular pizza place and it's still right by me.

                                There is no #3.

                                Lorenzo's Pizzeria
                                16721 Orchard Stone Run, Charlotte, NC 28277

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                                    Lorenzo's is great pizza. And their service is 2nd to none. The only pitfall to Lorenzo's is word has gotten out and the place is always mad-packed.

                                    In the same South Charlotte area, Palone's is good ny-style pizza too. They have great meatballs too.