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Jan 26, 2009 08:31 AM

Breakfast in Toledo?

Okay, I tried this several years ago, and came up empty. Ended up at a Bob Evans further south on I-75. Hoping for new places or new posters...

I'll be in the Toledo area (Rossford Courtyard Marrott right next to the 75/80 interchange). Looking for non-franchise breakfast options around Rossford/Perrysburg/Maumee. Willing to drive into Toledo.

Please, no responses that begin something like "Ann Arbor is only an hour away. Detroit is only an hour away. Bowling Green is only 20 minutes away. If you're up for driving that far..." Prefer proximity to where I'm staying. Thanks.

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  1. Try Star Diner. There is one on Dussel Drive. You can take 75 south to 475 west/north toward Ann Arbor. Get off at Salisbury/Dussel exit and follow Dussel east to 457 W. Dussel in one of the many strip centers. It should only be a 15 minute drive. The food is pretty good and the eye candy is too.

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    1. re: sammy o

      Original only if you get the apple pancake, Uncle Johns for the Chocolate Chip.

      Star Diner is awful and Schmucker's is quite bad, though their pies are good.

    2. My go-to place for breakfast in Toledo:

      The Original Pancake House
      3310 West Central Ave
      Toledo, Ohio 43606

      I love the big puffed-up baked cinnamony apple pancake! Omelets etc are also excellent.

      From the I-75/I-80 interchange, take I-75 north 8.4 miles, then take the exit for I-475 west. Go 2.7 miles on I-475 west and take exit 17 for Secor Rd. Turn left onto Secor, go 0.7 mile, turn right at W Central Ave/OH-120, and you're there. Should take about 12 minutes.

      1. Hi Brad,

        When I lived nearby I used to frequent the Monroe Street Diner. You can read about it and get location info here: And if you're willing to drive to The Original Pancake house as suggested above, I recommend Uncle John's Pancake House, right around the corner: Huge menu and unflappable staff, in my experience. Have a great visit to Toledo!

        1. Original Pancake House and Uncle John's? Yes.

          Star Diner? Only if you are into greasy spoons. And let me emphasize GREASY.

          Other options include Grandma's (on Glendale) and Reynolds Garden Cafe (or Glendale Garden Cafe -- both are owned by the same folks.) Nick's Cafe on Reynolds is good as well and breakfast is served all day long. (Just be sure to come with an empty stomach, because you'll be leaving stuffed.) I've also heard Schmucker's is good, but I haven't had the chance to try it.

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          1. re: CityGal

            Oh, man, I ate at Uncle John's when I was a little kid in the 1960s. The menu hasn't changed much . . . it's a real period piece. By all means try it.

          2. Thanks for all of these. Feel free to keep them coming. Although there is a certain appeal regarding grease, and a different sort of appeal for hot pants, the Star Diner may scare me off.

            I've been to a couple of other OPH establishments. Solid rec, and a good back up. Nick's looks to be closest to where I'm staying.