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Jan 26, 2009 07:55 AM

Phantom Gourmet

I never before have watched an episode of Phantom Gourmet, but I did for the first time last night. (It was kind of ironic: I was doing an intense hill progam on my exerice bike -- it's been WAY too cold to run -- while watching the PG show on pigging out while watching the Super Bowl.) It struck me as an hour-long commercial. Is that the way it usually is, or was this just their Super Bowl special? Does any chowhound really care what this guy has to say about food?

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    (P.S. Nothing better than watching food/cooking programs at the gym -- I feel like a hamster in a wheel chasing a carrot on a string.)

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    1. I watch it occasionally simply because I love hearing about food-but I dont put any stock in his opinions.

      It is always an hour long that makes me incredibly hungry every time I see it :-)

        1. Take it seriously? No way, but you occasionally pick up a useful bit of info and the show can be entertaining.

          1. I enjoy it. I think of it as my dirty secret. It's like people who insist they do not watch TV because it's beneath them. Or reality shows. Nothing wrong with mindless entertainment.

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              Nothing wrong with mindless entertainment ,,, as long as its entertaining!