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Jan 26, 2009 07:13 AM

Favorite salmon (smoked/kippered/jerky) at Pike Place Mkt Seattle

I have a few days in Seattle coming up and as a salmon lover, I'm looking forward to the things we can't get back here in NYC... Any advise on favorite salmon prep styles and where to get them? I'm looking at take away as well as restaurants...

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  1. One of the more consistent family-friendly Seattle restaurants is Chinook's at Salmon Bay. We have enjoyed their planked salmon more than once. Fresh food, good service and great views of the bay at moderate prices. There is also an oyster bar with a large selection of raw oysters.

    1. Take home some Alder smoked salmon from Jacks' Fish Spot, in the Pike Place Market. They are right across Pike Place from Uli's Famous Sausages, where thew will grill you up a sausage or two, if you can ever decide which variety to have (they're all good). Go the full German route and have it with a local ale and some fries in their bierstube.
      I agree that Chinook's is a reliable nearby place for salmon. Matt's in the Market is also good. Right downstairs from Matt's, and across the street from Pure Foods Fish is Jack's Fish Spot, where you can get a quick cup of truly fine Cioppino, as well as oysters on the half-shell, and steamed clams and musells.

      1. It don't get any fresher than in seattle. unless you in alaska

        1. I personally prefer the smoked salmon at Pure Food Fish. So good. Rich and fatty pieces are the best. Or why not take home (or have some sent) fresh Pacific salmon?