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Looking for Spanish/Latin Restaurant for girls dinner.

Hi All,

I am looking for recommendations for a good reasonably priced latin/spanish restaurant that serves sangria for a nice dinner out for 5 girls in our 30s to celebrate a birthday. We all have kids and don't get out much :) so we are looking for a nice place. We would prefer a place that does not have loud music. Something classy but not too snooty or uptight. Preferably in lower manhattan.

Does anyone have any recommendations? We've been to Agave and liked it and now want to try something new.

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Great, authentic Spanish food, good Sangria and killer Margaritas at El Charro Espanol in the Village at 4 Charles Street! Really reasonable prices, and large portions, too. It's been my favorite spot for many years.

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      Hard to say that this restaurant are authentic Spanish food, especially when nachos, chalupas and quesadillas are offered in the menu,

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        That's a holdover from 40 years ago... they still have some customers who want them. The owners are Galician, and if you haven't been there, how would you know?

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          I like Spanish (the Iberian Spanish) foods and I'm always on a lookout for any good ones.

          You are right that they may be authentic, and I admit that I've not been there, but I looked up their menu online and when they tout their margarita on their web page and serve Mexican food, then to me it is not a pure Spanish restaurant.

          So, how good are their Spanish dishes? Any suggestions?

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          The Suba website announces that Suba closed, and redirects website visitors to Boqueria.

        2. I don't know if Sangria is offered, but Pintxos and Bouqueria are lively and, imho, have the ambiance for a birthday celebration.

            1. La Nacional on 14th Street has wonderful tapas and well-made sangria carafes all for a very reasonable price. The back room looks a lot more like a hole-in-the-wall one might encounter stumbling through Spain and therefore has more character IMO, but the front room is dimly lit with more comfortable ambiance.

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                I'd recommend Yuca Bar for a fun night out. They have great Sangria and a pretty good selection of Latin food. La National is authentic Spanish but not the type of place I'd go for a fun night away from the kids.

              2. Pipa--not exactly lower Manhattan, but such a good time for drinks and food!

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                  Pipa is definitely good, but I think a little loud. I also like Los Ramblos on West 4th.

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                    It's called Las Ramblas - same as the market. Food is very, very good, but it is tiny. Small hightop cocktail tables.