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Jan 26, 2009 06:14 AM

canadian food gifts for US visit

hey chowhounders!

i'm heading to visit an good GF in california at the end of february. she used to live in canada and i want to surprise her with some 'fun' canadian food gifts. nothing fancy but nothing like the traditional maple syrup etc.

so, what do we canucks get that our american neighbours don't?? and i'm posting this on the ontario/toronto board b/c i'm hoping to be able to find things quickly/easily/locally...

here's what i've got so far:

- coffee crisp
- mr. big
- smarties
- clodhoppers
- ketchup chips (not sure how these will travel)
- swiss chalet sauces/marinades (my friend LOVES swiss chalet)
- tim hortons coffee (grounds)
- PC cookie mix for the decadent chocolate chip cookies
- maltesers

any other ideas? i'd prefer non-liquid items but i'm easy for size; i'm planning to do quite a bit of shopping while i'm down there so i'm taking a big suitcase and i can unload all of these gift items as soon as i get there.


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  1. Nanaimo Bars... my wife is from the southern U.S. and she always brings some "home" when she goes back there because her family and friends love it.

    Just be careful when crossing the border as the US FDA has regulations with regards to food importation, might want to read up on that first.

    1. I just did the same thing for a local-foods gift exchange at a conference, and paid a visit to Culinarium on Mount Pleasant, which carries only Ontario products. The products carried are not old-familiar stuff that your friend would remember, but it might be nice to supplement your list with other "unknown" items.

      My goodie bag included red fife flour, Kernal peanuts from Norfolk County, and Manitoulin Island hawberry syrup.

      1. Macintosh toffee is usually popular - and it packs well!

        1. how about indian candy? Tat's the sweet cured salmon and is avail at SLM at caviar direct for sure but maybe elsewhere as well (dunno offhand if you're in toronto or not). Keep in mind that this is different than the salmon jerky you can get in BC quite readily but I haven't seen it here in Ontario.

          There's also the Konzelmann Vidal Niagara Peninsula Ice Wine 2006 that was released in 2008. It was #100 on wine spectator's top 100 wines of 2008 list. AFAIK the only Canadian wine to place on that list.