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Jan 26, 2009 05:57 AM

First time at Babbo tonight - any suggestions welcome!!

Hey all. I'm taking my wife to Babbo tonight for her birthday, and neither one of us have been there before. My wife is not a fan of obscure items, so some things on the menu are not going to be an option for her. For me, I will eat and try anything with pleasure. Any suggestions for each of us would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!

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  1. I like the pastas in particular, and some others I've met have agreed that Batali is particularly strong with pasta. I've enjoyed the beef cheek ravioli and the bolognese in the past when I've dined there.

    1. Here's another vote for sticking with the pastas, which imho are all better than the entrees.

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        Great advice thanks. Was thinking an appetizer, 2 pastas, and dessert? Too much, too little?

      2. What to order at Babbo

        Since your wife is not that adventurous, I would recommend starting with the grilled octopus or salumi plates. For the pasta course, I would go with the linguine with clams, pumpkin lune, or mint love letters. For the main, the pork chop or lamb chops should be pretty "safe" and both are quite delicious. Have a great time!

        More on ordering at Babbo:

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            Kathryn, Thank you so much. Tons of great suggestions, I'm happy to say I'm even more unsure of what to order. Seems like I won't go wrong no matter what. I was thinking the beef cheek ravioli, but looks like the goose liver ravioli might be the way to go. For the 2 of us, a part of me was thinking 2 apps, 3-4 pastas, and dessert. Is that a better option than 2 pastas and 1-2 secondi?

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              My suggestion for apps is the pigs foot and charcuterie sample platter.
              That pigs foot, kinda like a pork milanese, is great. On the salumi platter, where else can u try lardo?

              1. re: porker

                If the BBQ Skirt Steak with Pickled Red Onion is still on the menu, go for it.

                If you are in the downstairs room, bring your ear plugs

          2. Pumpkin Lune, Pappardelle with Wild Boar
            Duck, Pork Chop
            Save room for dessert theyre all awesome

            1. Go for 2 pasta, 1 main, 1 dessert
              or you could try this.....

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                Thank you, I saw that. Sounds like an amazing event.