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Jan 26, 2009 05:37 AM

Paris - The best confit de canard?

Hello - where would you go to eat the best confit de canard in Paris?

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  1. You can compare and contrast the dish at two fine restaurants in the 7th; D'Chez Eux and Le Florimond. Also, Confit de Canard is served with Aligot at Chez Flottes in the 1st.

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      I would add Au Trou Gascon where they do a very nice confit of goose leg.

    2. I know none that is satisfying in restaurants. I buy mine from Divay, rue Bayen.

      1. I just love the country-style confit "en Limousin" at Lescure on rue Mondovi just past Concorde toward the Louvre. Be sure to order a slice of the house fruit tarte first thing, or there'll likely be none left by dessert time.