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Jan 26, 2009 04:21 AM

Milan recommendations

I'll have a day free in Milan at the end of February after two days of business meetings. I'm sure I'll enjoy several good meals during those meetings with my hosts but wonder if there are one or two places I should be sure not to miss. Price is not a big consideration as long as the experience is worthwhile.

I know a visit to Pecks is obligatory but are there other markets or shops that I should make time for? Any cooking classes or food tours I should consider?

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  1. Last week with a friend of mine, Neapolitan living in Milan, I had dinner at this funky Neapolitan restaurant in Milan: GATTO' , close to the center of town.
    The antipasti were outstanding and they could be the whole dinner !
    A very nice place, therefore I reccomed to do not miss it.

    1. Near the Rai tower (via Bertini 25i) is a wonderful restaurant called Puppury: . The chef, Giorgio, is a slow-fooder...all of the pasta there is homemade (wonderful ravioli). The risotto, too, is fantastic (I'll never forget a risotto he made with Barolo). The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the service is excellent. They have a wonderful wine list, and though the food is a little pricey, it's worth it.

      1. I hope you enjoy Pecks but I found it unsettling - we were just about the only patrons in there during the lunch hour - while the displays were lovely, the atmosphere was stiff. After 3 wks in Italy shopping in all kinds of markets I could not persuade myself that the fancy label and NY style 'tude was worth the pricetag.

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          Peck is an institution and like many institutions can be quite stuffy. It has beautiful displays and eye-popping prices. It also has an amazing selection. However, as long as you aren't looking for a very specific cheese or something of that sort you can have a Peck-lite experience at Rossi and Grassi. They, too, have fairly high prices and a good selection of gastronomic specialties but they have always been fairly friendly to me (remembering that a little Italian goes a long way) and can vacuum pack and ship. I visit the location Brera more often but the retro decor at the Ponte Vetro location is a little more fun. Here's their website and addresses.

        2. cooking courses - try excellent place, good materials, good instruction (mixed english and italian), reasonable prices, very good equipment. i have done two courses there and was very impressed.