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Jan 26, 2009 04:15 AM

Mas x Menos Richmond, Va

Has anyone tried this Latino market/restaurant located near Buford Rd. on Midlothian Tpke?(7826 Midlothian). Stopped in a couple of weeks ago and picked up a menu, but haven't been back to eat yet. It's a small restaurant located inside the store, open seven days a week and actually does breakfast on the weekends. Looked interesting.


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  1. I stopped and got a menu also and that's as far as I've gotten.

    1. Stopped in this morning, picked up pupusas revueltas, tacos al pastor, tacos de lengua, and tamale etole. Oh, and a glass of horchata. The tacos de lengua wasnt great(a bit dry) but the al pastor was very good I thought. It is still a Salvadorian place so it wasnt real mexican tacos(which is hard to find in Virginia, period).

      The pupusas were fantastic though, some of the better ones I've tasted recently. Cheap too, 1.40 a piece. I am tempted to go back tomorrow and get more. Very nice grilled corn taste, almost smokey. The curtido was good as well. The tamale was sweet and a perfect end to the meal. You can get them fried or warm, we opted for warm.

      Everyone there was extremely friendly, and all the food came in under 15.00. We will certainly go back. It's a shame more gringos don't venture to little hole in the walls like this.

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        Thanks for the rewiew! Will definitely get there soon.

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          i heard (still haven't made it) there's an authentic taqueria on quioccasin right by regency near the brazilian restaurants. just FYI