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Jan 26, 2009 04:12 AM


i just have a quick question concerning japanese beer:

most people have a favorite beer which they always order..

so which beer do you drink/recommend? and why?

saporro,kirin,asahi? are there other good ones?

thank you

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  1. Asahi Super Dry - it's my choice.

    I used to be a Kirin guy (based on US availability probably) but after living here for awhile I've fallen for Asahi. It's the most refreshing to me.

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    1. re: lost squirrel

      I second Asahi...that is my favorite choice too.

    2. Out of the three, I prefer Asahi; there are not only enough interesting seasonal variations of the big brands, but also really wonderful microbrews that are really wonderful. If I had to choose between the defaults, though, I'd choose Asahi as well.

      1. I'm an Yebisu man, I really don't understand the super dry, try not to drink it if I can avoid it, but like they say: cada chancho a su rancho.

        1. Curious - do you work for a beverage company, are you in marketing, someone who wants beer recommendations?

          Should our answers be limited to beers that are only available in Japan, or Japanese brands that are also available overseas?

          To answer your question, my favorite was Sapporo Black Label until Suntory Premium Malts came out.

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          1. re: kamiosaki


            no i dont work in marketing or anything like that :-D

            i will be traveling to japan for the first time, and was just wondering what beers the locals would recommend..

            i personally like beers that arent very bitter(like pilsener).. i prefer a lot of bubbles in it and i look for the refreshing factor in a beer, rather than being purerly taste oriented..

            1. re: KSA

              Ok sounds good. If you are into beer and are going to be in Japan then you want to check out Bryan Harrell's writings, if there's someone who knows more about beer in Japan I don't know who it is...:


              1. re: KSA

                You'll also want to complete a brewery tour if you get a chance, the Suntory factory in Bubaigawara isn't too far from Shinjuku (maybe 25minutes?) and at the end of the tour (completely in Japanese), you get free samples. There's a nice gift shop too.
                The Kirin brewery in Nagoya was fun too.

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  Not quite a full-blown brewery tour, but more easily accessible is the Yebisu Beer Museum in Ebisu; a side benefit is that the tour is do-it-yourself so you can read the information in English. The tasting isn't free, but it's only Y400 for a sampler of four different limited-edition Sapporo/Yebisu beers, which I've never seen anywhere else.


            2. For my personal taste, I like Kirin "Ichibanshibori" because it has so many bubbles and is refreshing.
              Asahi "Superdry" is very flat and easy to chug if that is what you need to do.
              Yebisu is very creamy.
              Sapporo Black Label used to be my favorite, but gave me bad headaches. I'm sure it was just me!
              Suntory Premium Malts has a bitter aftertaste, but does not contain corn starch.