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Jan 26, 2009 04:06 AM

School Bakery & Cafe

I haven't seen much mention of this place here's my micro review.

School has been open for about 2 1/2 weeks now (officially) and I've had the chance to stop by a few times for lunch/brunch.

The atmosphere is very casual, the place is full decked out in the school theme. The tiny details are a lot of fun to pick out, and overall the staff seem quite relaxed except for a few oddities here and there.
First time, I waited 15 minutes for a table, Sunday, around noon.
Second and third time no waits, once on sunday at the same time and another during the week.

Brunch is served from 10am, and every day (they're open from 8am-7pm during the week), Brad moore rings the school bell at 3:30 to signal 'detention' aka the martini rush.
Cocktails are creative but very expensive for a cafe ($12). Be weary of giving full control to the bartender. A glass of vodka and orange juice does not make a $12 cocktail. The 'hot for teacher cocktail' drink on the other hand, has a way of transporting you to a Caribbean beach with one sip. Must be the high tequila content.....

The menu focuses on classic breakfast/lunch dishes with interesting kicks. Sometimes the kick is a spice, sometimes its a substitution for ingredients (cheese in the french toast)...very interesting from what I've tasted so far. Also quite affordable.

grapefruit brulee - very plain and wonderful, great with the drinks $5
cheesy french toast - very European, huge portions, absolutely delicious $10
cinnamon french toast - also delicious but plenty sweeter $10
chipotle cheese biscuit - spicy tender biscuits with a balanced portion of bacon and chicken $8
sbc benny - interesting kick on eggs benni with the chipolte biscuit again and spices $10
sbc burger - $13, really tasty burger loaded with gruyere and fresh guacamole
scones! - very tasty selection of lemon/maple syrup/cardamom. All very good, the maple syrup being the sweetest of the bunch.
pastries - the brownies, the cupcakes, and the tiny cookies are great. All cheap too, $1-2

.jerk sandwich was bland and the bun was cold enough to hurt my teeth. $10
.cocktails could use some work (they're more expensive than most items on the menu)

Service is quite attentive and efficient, minor kinks here and here but this is a new place.
they're closed on saturdays for private events.
most dishes are under $13

Some photos;



Grapefruit brulee

Chipotle biscuit

French toast


you can find a lot more content here

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  1. I'm soooo jealous you got there first. Been meaning to go since I heard he was back in biz, er, school. Must go this weekend. Must!

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    1. re: Googs

      I've been there a few times now, and honestly, it's quite amazing.
      Skip the drinks, and just enjoy the kitchen.

      1. re: Suresh

        Oh honey, it's called School not Church. Bevvies are a must! Can't wait.

    2. Ive been twice and both times Brad Moore was there and the food was good.

      The first time i had the pressed reuben. It was super crispy and something was giving me the most wonderful bone marrow taste (!) My friend got the jerk chicken sandwich which he was very impressed with. Both came with salads. I tried a cardamom muffin/cupcake to finish but I found it too dense and heavy.

      The bakery goods are not my favourite. I came on the soft opening and tried the two variations of banana muffins and thought the same thing - dense and heavy. The scones were light, flaky and buttery on the other hand...

      On the second visit I had the ham and cheese on brioche. The bread was really thick so at first I thought it would be really too much and too dense but it was so light and (again) buttery crisp goodness. My friend got the fried chicken. It looked like the extra crispy Kentucky coating in terms of textured crunchy coating. There were two super juicy deboned thighs on biscuits with gravy.

      While I enjoy the food and tea (loose leaf, but they need to give you a pot of water because seriously, 125 mls of water is not enough...) It's only a once in a while treat since it's really rich.