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Jan 25, 2009 09:30 PM

Pies - Sweet or Savoury - Your Favourite

Here in SA, a "pie" is generally considered to be a Savoury delight, but I know in other countries it refers to sweet treats as well.

I would like to know what your favourite pie is.....savoury or sweet......which flavour has you drooling for more....and whether you generally make your own pies or buy them.

For me, my favourite savoury pie is Mutton Curry and my sweet treat would be anything with caramel or banana!

Feel free to post your favourite recipes here too.


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  1. One of the classic American (North) desserts--perhaps THE classic-- is apple pie. In fact, there's a saying, "As American as apple pie." For Thanksgiving, Americans (USA) typically have pumpkin pie (sometimes sweet potato pie instead) for dessert. I also like rhubarb custard pie (sweet) and berry pies (sweet: blackberry, blueberry, raspberry or a combination thereof). Other typical American sweet pies include cherry, lemon meringue, pecan, banana cream, and peach. I always make my own sweet pies. Pie making in this country is getting to be a lost art.

    For savory, a classic American example is chicken pot pies. Americans of my generation grew up with Swanson's chicken pot pies. I just made homemade chicken pot pie using a Cook's Illustrated recipe for the first time this month and it was great. No more Swanson's for me!

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      Canadians cook a lot of apple pies too! My departed mother still made the best I ever had. We had apple trees out back at our cottage, and we would pick and pare them while she made pastry. I never learned how she did it, but her pastry was perfect - crunchy and flaky on the top (partially because she dusted it with sugar before baking), but firm enough on the bottom to hold the slice together. Yet you could still cut through the bottom with a fork with hardly any pressure. I know she tossed the apples with sugar, cinnamon, and allspice before putting them in the pie. (Oh, and you didn't mention the venerable Boston cream pie - yum!)

      As for savoury pies, she made chicken pot pie, and turkey pot pies after Thanksgiving. Mom didn't make tourtiere (a French-Canadian meat pie), but I've enjoyed it when I'm in Quebec.

    2. S.A, being South Africa or South America?
      Oh, mutton curry sounds intriguing, are there veggies in it?
      I do enjoy spicy empanadas with meat and fruit.
      I'm not a real pie person but I do enjoy an irresistible hot deep dish berry pie with ice cream. But I must say my favorite sweet pie must be lemon meringue...light and not too sweet.

      1. PAO - wow, the berry pie sounds awesome! Sadly, I'm not much good at sweet pies (no cultural heritage for that I'm afraid! :)
        KevinB, I do like a good apple pie - with a dash of caramel!

        P Macias - SA being South Africa, sorry about that! Yes, the mutton curry pie is truly amazing. The one I like here has no veggies, simply soft tender mutton, with onion - not even potato. Another nice one is the Madagascan Pepper pie! Anyone have a recipe for something like that?

        1. My favorite pie is a savory one that we only make at Easter. It is called a Pizza Rustica (pizza meaning pie in Italian) and it is a 2 crust pie filled with almost all the delightful things -- salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, etc -- that you would find in a salumeria.

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            Since I am not a cake lover my wife learned to make the best pie crust from scratch from her mother, now for my birthday instead of a cake I always get a rhubarb and raspberry pie using our own rhubarb and raspberries. For savory I love the traditional French Canadian meat pie using ground beef and ground pork and potatoes, the seasoning is heavy on sage with a touch of clove and cinnamon. We always eat this on Christmas eve.

          2. I have two big favorites when it comes to savory pies, Melton Mowbray pork pie and steak and mushroom pie. Both these have their roots in the UK.

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              A sweet pie needs to be tart in my opinion. I don't like overly sweet apple pie. It should bear resemplance to the fruit that's in it, and I like sour apples.

              So, apple, blueberry, or lemon merangue pie I would say. Unfortunately, I don't really eat sweet things, as I tend to hog out on the mains. Apart from a danish for breakfast now again.

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                Cherries are for chumps. Key lime for kidders. Pork pie is the only pie for me!