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Jan 25, 2009 09:08 PM

eating alone in New York recs?!


I'm flying in for a meeting from Toronto and need some recommendations as I'll be eating on my own for a couple of nights. I'm staying at the Hilton on 6th Ave and 54th. I've only been to New York once ever about 5 years ago so I really don't know Manhattan at all really.

I want to check out a couple of places that I won't be a complete loser eating on my own, and I'm not interested in the tourist spots. So, good sushi, maybe chinese? Or just somewhere I can hang out and watch the crowd and eat from the bar and maybe drink some wine and chill. Maybe a pub with good food and a nice atmosphere?!

Thanks for any replies!

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  1. Sushi is always good to eat alone, can meet people at the sushi bar,,, Sushi Gari is a good choice there are locations on upper west and east side, or sushi seki (similar style to sushi gari). Degustation on east 5th st. has great small dishes at a 16 seat bar. You'll be fine eating alone there. Katzs deli for lunch on E Houston is real new york and great corn beef and pastrami sandwiches. There is brooklyn diner on 57th for just a bite ,,, if you just want great food ,, go to jean georges,,and dont care if you are eating alone,,,or try the bar at Massa for sushi.

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      Blue Ribbon Sushi has an out post near the OP as well - and while it's not as good as Gari, I still like it. I agree that Bar Boulud would be good as well - either at the bar or at the communal table.

    2. I think it would be nice to go to Bar Boulud on your own and sit at the big communal table. GF and I have had some extremely interesting (and that isn't code for WEIRD) encounters/conversation we solo diners at BB.

      1. Other good eat at the bar options are Union Square Cafe, Telpan and Ouest and Degustation.

        1. I dont know if you are looking specifically for restaurants in that area, but Otto is a great place to dine alone (at the bar).

          One Fifth Avenue
          212 995-9559

          1. I recently did a solo trip to NY and Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, and Gramercy Tavern treated me like royalty and I felt very comfortable dining alone. Eleven Madison Parks bar is very comfortable to!!!