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Jan 25, 2009 08:53 PM

Perfect proposal restaurant??

I hate to ask yet another question about romantic/special occasion meals in DC, but I am specifically interested in restaurants in Georgetown. Here's the scoop: I am proposing to my boyfriend (yes, thats right ... eek!!) We are going to be in DC in two weeks, and I have decided that's the time! I have heard/read about Filomena and Citronelle, but would love other suggestions. I am looking for a place that is romantic, but not stuffy...maybe there should be a new phrase "swanky romantic" - that's what I'm looking for! I'm also using the dinner as an excuse to get dressed up, so somewhere that isn't casual enough to wear jeans, but maybe not jacket required (as I doubt I could get him in one) :)
Oh and maybe around $30/entree would be about right.

Would either Filomena or Citronelle fit this bill? Are there some other restaurants in Georgetown I am overlooking that would be better for my big moment?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. WOW! Good luck, you are a brave girl, I applaud the courage. Ok, sorry about this, but I'm going to give you a suggestion that doesn't fit your criteria, annoying, huh? But I do think this place is perfect for this type of thing- the Willard Room. I ate there this summer thinking, gosh this is an impressive, romantic venue. I just made reservations through Open Table, not staying at the hotel/conceirge or anything, but when I checked w/ the maitre 'd, he looked up the reservation and said, "oh we have our best table reserved for you!" And it was a wonderful table (I normally don't even notice these things), right in the window, but discreet as well (idea for the proposal). Also, the staff was so attentive and charming, even when my not-so-savy mom tried to order her meal from the sommelier! Whoops. As for the price, the entrees I recall are in the $30s, but the upper $30s, still, definitely within (even below) the Citronelle range. Oh, and the food itself was incredible, I believe I had butter poached lobster and some form of foie gras for an appetizer. The wine pairings the sommelier suggested were perfect as well.

    1. Check out Mie 'n Yu. It's hip and the decor is romantically exotic.

      Other possibilities: 1789 (definitely upscale, maybe more than $30 per entree), Mendocino Grille (maybe too modern to be romantic), La Chaumiere (french, old school), and Bourbon Steak (expensive and brand new). All these places offer probably better food than Mie 'n Yu but I still think Mie 'n Yu is the perfect place for this occasion.

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        1789 would be a perfect proposal place. They also run a 3 course special, I believe.

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          I agree with Jacey.......1789 is a perfect spot. It's the only place that is guaranteed to be there in 30 years when you want to come back to visit for your 30th anniversary.
          The Willard room is nice, but I think that you will have a more memorable time at the 89

      2. I second Mie N Yu and would add perhaps:

        Fahrenheit in the Ritz Carlton if you want a space that is a little more quiet, it is dark colors and modern, but not so busy or loud for a more intimate occasion. I also think MAYBE Hook, although it is in transition with chefs I do not have a recent review so I don't know how the food is doing, but if you sit downstairs against the wall by the open kitchen it is very swank.

        1. Does it have to be in Georgetown? lol Filomena isn't a good idea....just doesn't seem romantic enough. Unless you are into cheesy stuff---because the place will be decorated from top to bottom in Valentine's decoration---think cheesy and over the top.

          Citronelle doesn't fit your price range at all, unless you dine in the bar area.

          Fahrenheit might work but truthfully I haven't been there in a long time so I don't know what the food is like anymore.

          Doesn't Mie n Yu have a table that is in a giant bird cage? That might be kind of cool.

          If you are open to other areas of town I think we can give you better options.

          Congrats and good luck btw!

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            Yes for the Mie N Yu bird cage, but you need a party of 6 to get it I think

          2. I kind of prefer 1789 (ask for a downstairs table, as that's the more charming part). I say this for one good reason: Tom Sietsema, the Post's food critic, always says that when you pick a restaurant for a momentous occasion, you should try for one that will be there for future celebrations. While Mie n Yu is popular, it may not last forever, nor will you necessarily want to go back for your 20th anniversary! 1789 is a DC institution that likely isn't going away.

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              I love 1789 and I believe they have a special deal going on right now, so it should be much more affordable then usual. That being said, I would never put it in the swanky romantic category. It is much more "old-school" and I imagine some people would consider it stuffy. Personally I like restaurants like 1789. I appreciate it for what it is---a classic restaurant where the service is top-notch and the food is delicious. It is not trendy, nor chic. But it is timeless.