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Jan 25, 2009 07:25 PM


I'm looking for a restaurant that serves mansaf. Basically it's a lamb dish cooked in yogurt and served over rice. It's a very popular dish in Jordan. I used to have it frequently at a favorite restaurant in Santa Clara, Ca (Dishdash), but since I've relocated to the NY area I havent' found any place that serves it. Anyplace in the NY/NJ area would be fine!


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  1. this is a year late, but i just returned from jordan and am equally obsessed with the lamb shank cooked in yogurt. a menupages search turned up tanoreen (, and there seems to be a lot of other typical fare too (maqlubeh, makdous, kunafeh) and apart from this i've heard decent things about the restaurant, so you may want to give it a shot.

    1. U r Amazin !! Am looking for the same :(( will die to get Mansaf, how it was good like ours in Albilad??

      1. OMG blf609! I moved to NJ from Sunnyvale 3 years ago, where I could walk to DishDash. I've managed to replace just about every major need and want from the West Coast ... but I've yet to find a place to eat Mansaf locally. Thanks for posting this!