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Jan 25, 2009 06:38 PM

west mountain inn

I am thinking of getting married at the west mountain inn in arlington, vt. Has anyone eaten there? Thanks!

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  1. I've only been here for an excellent dining experience on a couple of occasions, not within the last year, but if the Carlson's are still the proprietors then it's still top-notch. As they have a great reputation both with the locals and a NYC-centric clientele. Hopefully, as they say, others will chime-in with their wedding experiences here.


    BTW, I did check Trip Advisor for recent postings and they were as complimentary as I'd expected.

    West Mountain Inn
    144 West Mountain Inn Road, Arlington, VT

    1. My husband and I had our wedding reception at the West Mountain Inn in July 2007. The food was fabulous! The chef worked with us to create a menu that really pleased us. In addition, he prepared a few separate meals for folks with food sensitives. Our guests tell us that they really enjoyed their meals.

      We were very happy with our experience - the Carlson's were great hosts, and allowed our guests the run of the place for the weekend. I highly recommend that you consider the Inn!

      1. I have but it was a very long time ago. If the owners are the same - sounds like they are - it's reasonable to assume the food is still excellent. I couldn't say the same for the Arlington Inn.