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Where do I go to report a dupe recipe or a copy

kchurchill5 Jan 25, 2009 06:18 PM

Anyone specific I tell or email. I just posted a recipe for open face Meixican sloppy joes over corn bread 2 days ago and today someone posted my identical recipe with 2 changes and a different name, helloo?????. I don't care but that is a little ballsey and just rude.

  1. j
    jcristi Jan 25, 2009 07:08 PM

    I am sooooo sorry. That was me and I thought I was just noting the changes I made when I made this today. It was the first time I "hacked" a recipe and I thought I was able to only save it to MyChow so I would remember what I did. I didn't have any tomato paste, Jiffy cornbread mix, or ground turkey and I hate it when I make something and have to change the recipe and then next time I can't remember how what I did different. If you will tell me how to unpublish this I will. I sincerely apologize. But I still want to know more about your coleslaw.
    And now I need to track down the person who created the sugar cookies I made today because I made a note that I used bread flour instead of all-purpose and evidently that recipe is published too.
    I will contact technical support and see how to withdraw these recipes. The only reason I even used the "hack" button is because I haven't found a way to print a clean copy of a recipe that I can make notes on.

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    1. re: jcristi
      kchurchill5 Jan 25, 2009 07:16 PM

      No worries really, I have had people steal recipes and I really don't mind I borrow parts and change things and make them my own. Hell that is how we all do things. I am not offended, just appreciate you told me. I always try to say if I copy I reference the source but usually by the time I publish it it has gone through 20 changes. You can always go to the edit buttom top right hand corner of the recipe when you click on your recipe. You can delete, or whatever, but really don't worry. I'm not offended if that is what you did. I used a chinese dish where I changed 4-5 ingredients and haven't tried it but changed the name, saved it to my chow and published by mistake ... I deleted but I understand and not big deal. Bigger things in this life to worry about. Maybe just mad cuz someone did steal a recipe of mine that I wone an award with and published it. Just sensitive ... PMS who knows. Don't worry and thanks for the honesty.

      Kim Lets share some recipes and have fun.

      1. re: kchurchill5
        jcristi Jan 27, 2009 04:58 AM

        Hi again,
        I found your coleslaw, sounds yummy. Tonight I'll look for the Mexican Beans (should be good on the rest of my cornbread) and especially the Romaine & Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette... I am all about cilantro & lime!
        Thanks Kim.

        1. re: jcristi
          kchurchill5 Jan 27, 2009 05:46 AM

          welcome, any ol' blackbeans work ... I love the vinaigrette too. And avacado, can't go wrong, lol. Enjoy!

      2. re: jcristi
        kchurchill5 Jan 25, 2009 07:20 PM

        FYI, if you try it ... it is really really good. Great comfort food. I just posted my Mexican coleslaw or Mexican Beans or my Romaine with a Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette ... All great with this. Personally I like the coleslaw... No mayo and great flavor. Enjoy!

        1. re: kchurchill5
          jcristi Jan 27, 2009 04:54 AM

          Thanks for understanding, and as I understand now, that's what the Hack is for, so we can jiggle things and remember what we did different. I actually wanted to write the "hack" then print it just for myself but if there is a workable "print recipe" option on Chow, I haven't found it yet.
          I have to say I LOVE this recipe. "Scratch" is my preferred way to cook, but I've been stuck with those grocery store packets of Sloppy Joe mix because I hadn't found a scratch Sloppy Joe recipe that was worth eating, but this one is great!
          And I've never made this kind of cornbread, because I've never had any of it I like. Usually there are big chunks of peppers and plain cornbread in between. That's why I pureed the green chilis. But this one is a keeper. Since my cornbread is going to outlast the Sloppy Joes I need to make a pot of beans or something to go on top of the rest of it. Here are pix of my cornbread. I didn't get pix of the Sloppy Joe on the plate. Maybe next time.

          1. re: jcristi
            kchurchill5 Jan 27, 2009 05:51 AM

            Yummy, I do cornbreads many different ways. Lots of different cheeses. Some chipoltes, some green chilis, herbs, onions, even sausage. Fun to try different things. Always something to try. I like to be adventurous.

            The sloppy joe mix is good. I have used it for a long time. Sort of a standard. I hate the packaged but have used it in the past. I still do when in a hurry, but this is worth making.

            I work and am a mom so ... yeah sometimes packaged is all I can do, but I try most of the time to make fresh. Enjoy it and don't worry about the recipe. I'm sure I've done my fair share of things I shouldn't of or could of done different... live and learn. No worries by me. Let me know how you like the recipe.

        2. re: jcristi
          jcristi Jan 27, 2009 05:04 AM

          Hi Kim,
          I'm glad we could get in touch. I have to say, while I really like Chow, I'm pretty frustrated that I haven't been able to print a simple recipe. Have you figured that out? And when I "hacked" I looked for a Preview or Save button and couldn't find anything so Publish was the only way I could save it... And then I used the edit button because I wanted to rearrange the sequence of ingredients or something and I had to publish it again to save the changes. So it's out there twice... go figure. Maybe Jacquilynne, the Chow person who answered below can tell us how that works, or talk to the techies & have them write some more script.

        3. kchurchill5 Jan 25, 2009 07:17 PM

          All is well!

          1. Jacquilynne Jan 25, 2009 07:42 PM

            That's actually what the 'hack' function is for -- to allow people to show how they've tweaked and changed an existing recipe to make it more their own. If they've 'hacked' it using the hack function (rather than copying and pasting into a totally new recipe), it should link the original on the hack so people can see the source.

            On many recipes sites, the recipes have many comments, where people say 'I made this, but I just did this, that and the other change and it caused these differences in the outcome'. We created the hacking function so that those tweaks could be easily displayed as a freestanding but linked recipe. That way, instead of reading through the comments and figuring out 'oh, I think I like that person's version better, but when she says she halved the butter, does that mean all the butter, or just the butter in the sauce?', they have an actual re-written recipe to go by.

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            1. re: Jacquilynne
              jcristi Jan 27, 2009 05:13 AM

              So Jacquilynne, can you tell us how to print just a recipe on a piece of paper? I've tried & I get the entire webpage, but only page one. I get the web address on page 2, but no content. So I've had to copy & paste the recipe contents into a different program and save there and print it. I have to say, Chow recipes will be my last resort search in the future if I can't figure simple "Print Recipe" and get the recipe only.
              Ideally, as useful as this site is in other ways, I'd like to "Save to print" and be able to save a series of recipes together (say all of them that have been hacked from each other) and then when I'm ready Print that recipe document that would have them all loaded together. Instead of printing 6 different recipes, that will take 6 pages or more, I can print 6 recipes and I can get them on maybe 3-4 pages depending on my document set up. It would certainly save paper. Then I can go through them all and highlight the ingredients and steps I actually use to come up with my favorite version of all the hacks.
              Just a thought...

              1. re: jcristi
                kchurchill5 Jan 27, 2009 06:10 AM

                I hate to tell you but I print fine. I may be something with their program and how it prints. Me. I print a lot. They need to figures out the kinks if some people can not print. That is why I am here too. I save things to my chow vs publish and then change and add my versions. I usually don't publish anything until I try a recipe. Since I am a caterer ... I start with a recipe and add my touches and usually won't re publish until I really try and re work the recipe. If the recipe is close to the original I usually give credit to the original post. Most of my recipes are pretty far from the original and many are from grandma or Mom. and re-worked them for a healthy version. I posted a black beans recipe ... well I am sure there are a hundred out there like min but it is the same one I have used for 20 years.

                I hope you get the printing figured out. All my best, keep in touch. Enjoy. I'm still learning too, trust me.

                1. re: jcristi
                  Jacquilynne Jan 27, 2009 06:22 AM

                  Are you printing using the 'print' button at the top of the recipe, or just using your browser's print function directly? It's certainly not as nice as I'd like it to be in terms of a print format, but it's usually 2 pages, vs. 6 or more.

                  1. re: Jacquilynne
                    kchurchill5 Jan 27, 2009 06:26 AM

                    I just hit the print button, maybe just lucky. but I have used file and print too. Wish I could help

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