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Jan 25, 2009 05:56 PM

casual dinner near Mt. Washington?

We are staying in a condo at Bretton Woods this weekend. Are there are any good casual restaurants in the area? We will have our five year old with us, so nothing fancy with speedy service would be best. I should add that he doesn't eat "kid" food, so that is not a criteria. The reviews of the Mt. Washington Hotel have been mixed at best...

Also, any recommendations for a dinner stop halfway between Providence and BW?

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  1. Grandma's Kitchen on Route 3 in Whitefield (about 2 or 3 towns north of Bretton Woods) is a neat little family-owned diner with some really nice dishes and dirt-cheap prices.

    As far as Bretton Woods itself or Twin Mountain (next door), I can't really think of all that much. If you head down Route 302 into Glen, Jackson, and North Conway, there are a number of decent places, but perhaps that's a bit too far away?

    1. North Conway is 30 miles from Bretton Woods, but it has the best selection of casual places.

      You may want to stop in Manchester NH as a halfway point. Consuela's Taqueria, Flame City BBQ, and that new Lebanese place on Hanover Street are casual choices. Golden Bowl makes a nice pho.

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        Thanks for the suggestions in Manchester.

        How far would Whitefield be from BW timewise? North Conway is too far with the little one in tow, especially after a day of skiing...

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          According to Google Maps, Grandma's Kitchen is 14 miles, or about 16 minutes from Bretton Woods.

          I will second Grandma's Kitchen. My girlfriend and I stayed up that way in 2007 and loved Grandma's Kitchen.

          We also liked a place called Woodburn House in the center of Whitefield that was pretty decent, but their website isn't up anymore, so I have to wonder if they are still in business.

          There are also a couple of restaurants at the Mountain View Grand that are decent. We ordered room service more than once when when we were up there and we both enjoyed it.

      2. Glen is not far from Bretton Woods at all. 15 minutes? We go to BW all the time and always have dinner at the Red Parka Pub. Pub/bar/fun downstairs and a more casual family restaurant upstairs. Food is decent. People are nice. Family friendly.

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          Glen is closer to a half hour from Bretton Woods, but is definitely a good choice with several options.

        2. Bizarrely enough, you might want to check out the AMC lodge just a few miles up the road from B Woods. They are very nice cafeteria with beer/wine basics, and they have the magic room where they rent out gear in the basement (free if you are staying there!). Wouldn't surprise me if someone wouldn't take junior on a tour. Obviously, more of a lunch date, but you could strap on some snow shoes and winter gear and have some fun.