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Jan 25, 2009 04:59 PM

it pains me to say...raymond lost?

I love the raymond restaurant. It may be the most romantic restaurant in Pasadena, but the other night they dropped the ball. they killed the john dory and dried out the lamb. also, the smoked salt salad was all smoke and no salad. I am sure that they will figure it out, but it might take awhile.

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  1. yess... can only speak for the singular time i've been there however.. brunch about a month ago and it was almost inedible.

    1. The Raymond is beautiful and cute but the food is really awful.

      1. Hi -

        Although not a on a frequent basis at all, I have been going to the Raymond for a LONG, long time (since I graduated college or even earlier and let's just say that was quite a while ago! I was still wearing brat packish shoulder pads at the time...!) Ouch.

        It has always been gorgeous (of course) -- a hidden gem and generally very impressive. But it has also -- as far back as I can remember -- never been known for the actual food. I go there KNOWING that an d have never have high (or even standard) expectations about the food. It's an ambiance thing.

        I was there again just a week or two ago for brunch. It's funny to "get older" but this time I took my son who is nearly the age I was when I first went there. This time the food not only was as "not-great" as always, but they also "screwed up" our orders making both of us ask for items we ordered more than twice. ("Umm, I ordered the -- fill in the blank --and it's not here....") The service was also slow. I will say that the waitress was nice; that wasn't it. Oh, did I mention how expensive the place is..?

        BUT what remained the same was (still) how very pretty the place is. And for me, there's probably a lot of nostalgia going on. So I still like it (strange, huh?) And a gift certificate makes a lovely wedding gift. My son (who is picky in a foodie way) liked it too and wants to come back with his girlfriend (with my money).

        I hope it stays on (and an improvement in food would always be much appreciated. Then I'd go more!)