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Jan 25, 2009 04:06 PM

Annapolis, MD Restaurant Week

Are any of the listed restaruants worth the trip? Please, know that Reynolds Tavern is on the list but I was there three weeks ago for a business meeting. It's a waste of great real estate space in my polite assessment. Looking forward to your suggestions.

Acme Bar & Grill
Azure at The Westin
Breeze at Loews Hotel
Buddy's Crabs & Ribs
Cafe Normandie
Cantler's Riverside Inn
Carrols Creek
Fado Irish Pub
Federal House Bar & Grille
Galway Bay
The Greystone Grill
Harry Browne's
Luna Blu
Lure's Bar and Grill
The Main Ingredient Cafe
The Melting Pot
Morton's The Steakhouse
John Barry Restaurant at The O'Callaghan Hotel
O'Learys Seafood Restaurant
Pesce Grande
The Purple Tooth
Pusser's Caribbean Grille
Rams Head Tavern
Reynolds Tavern
The Rockfish
Ruth's Chris Steak House
Sam's on the Waterfront
The Severn Inn
Stan & Joe's Saloon
Treaty of Paris
Wild Orchid

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  1. The one thing that stands out after looking into this...what a terrible collection of menus! Most of these restaurants seem completely uninspired. And the inclusion of some places, terrible bars such as Acme which should never charge $30 for anything, seems outrageous. I love the Purple Tooth, it's a fantastic wine bar with very limited food service...can't they find another way to participate? Maybe wine specials for prior or after your meal at another restaurant? But their 'deal' of salad, grilled cheese, a glass of wine and dessert for $30 seems like quite a stretch.

    Having said that, I'm planning on going to Harry Browne's and will report back. The menu options look much better than many of the other places, and I've always wanted to try it but never got there. The other places on the list that I'd strongly consider are O'leary's, Sam's, The Wild Orchid...and that's about it.

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      I LOVE Harry Browne's. My husband and I make a road trip to Annapolis every now and then, mostly to eat there. It's not like we can't find similar excellent menus in DC, but the location, the lovely space, all make it special.

      1. re: Jason1

        Well, to follow-up, Harry Browne's met my Annapolis high-end restaurant standard, disappointing. The restaurant week menu was different that they published online, but I believe still accurately reflected what the restaurant is. My wife ordered off the regular menu. For a restaurant with $30+ entrees, the wine service is extremely poor...poor glassware and an absent waiter. The food was fairly straightforward and boring. Boring is fine if well seasoned so that the tastes 'pop'. I had the quail with the wild boar sausage from the RW menu. The qual itself was overcooked and underseasoned. It was served over a very sweet parsnip puree, with a very sweet sauce. There was very little balance to this dish. The boar sausage was the saving grace. The search continues for good dining in Annapolis...

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          We had a great meal at Aqua Terra this past Nov. when we visited the East Coast for the first time. It is in downtown Annapolis. :)

        2. re: Jason1

          The Purple Tooth is closed! I read it on The Capital's website.

          1. re: the new transported man

            Pesce Grande closed a couple of years ago! Greystone is gone too! where did this list come from?? It's a sad sad list that includes Buddy's as well.. uuuggg!

            1. re: JRCann

              That's last year's list. Look at the post date & the RW website.

        3. a little late on the reply, but out of those places, Galway Bay is my favorite. Really great irish food. The fried corned beef poppers are tasty (as long as the oil is fresh) and the irish reuben and fries are as good as you'll have anywhere. Beer selection leaves something to be desired, but most Irish places are that way in my experience. The bartenders are the best in annapolis. No pretension. Knowledgeable about scotchs/bourbon/whisky.

          Lemongrass is good thai food for not a lot of money. I go there for lunch fairly regularly.

          1. I would love to hear another review for Harry Browne's. Their menu looked to be the most imaginative of all restaurants I looked up. Really disappointed to hear it wasn't that great.

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              Well, a lot can change in a year. Their menu does look very intriguing this year. As I recall, last year they only posted a sample menu, and the actual menu was very different. I'd be curious if anyone knows if there was a chef change in the last year.