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Jan 25, 2009 03:46 PM

Pupusas at El Continental, 5th Ave (BK)

Stopped in yesterday to try the pupusas. I've lived in NYC just over a year and have not yet sought out a go-to source for these treats. Unfortunately this was not a real winner for me. The pupusas could have used a little more of a crispiness, although I liked that the cheese was seasoned with herbs. (The only other pupusas I tried were at a stall at the Fort Greene flea market and those were horribly overcooked and dried out.)

I also had a small bowl of beef soup at El Continental, which I loved. Will def. go back for this.

FWIW be forewarned, the bathrooms were NOT clean and my water had floaters. If you're a germ-aphobe, well, likely this is not the place for you.

That said, 2 pupusas with the fixings, plus a small beef soup, came to $8.15 inc. tax.

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  1. Outstanding pupusas at Bahia, 690 Grand St. in Williamsburg. Other entrees are fine, too.