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Jan 25, 2009 03:18 PM

My new favorite Pizza Place: Marco Polo Take-Out

Just wanted to tell you that I have had three pizzas now from Marco Polo take-out on Court Street and the have all been delicious. They are wood-burning oven pizzas with a thin crust, really delicious sauce and they seem to use top notch quality ingredients on their toppings. I am surprised this is such a teflon place and has not been mentioned in the "best pizzas" of brooklyn. I have also had many of their other dishes: pasta vodka, caesar's salad, chicken marsala and they were delicious too. They are also very kid friendly. On a recent day I was waiting for my pizza with my 2 year old and he pointed at the potato croquetes because he loved them, two seconds later the man behind the counter gave us one on the house!

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  1. Do they have their take out delivery menu posted somewhere - lost the menu, this is the only reason we don't order from there as often - I guess we should get another one.

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      yes they do take out and the pizza is excellent!

    2. I love this place and have def touted it on the boards. The pizza is great, they are super kid-friendly, and it's inexpensive. And it's never too crowded if you want to eat in.

      Since it's between school and home, we go there a lot for an early dinner. The waitress is super nice. And they are generous with the freebies. My kids rarely leave there without being given something. It's a great neighborhood spot.