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Jan 25, 2009 02:41 PM

Cherimoya ideas?

I just bought my first Cherimoya and was looking around for suggestions on how to prepare it. I found lots of recipes that suggest it goes well with orange and some other fruits. But I'd love to hear any first hand experience you all have on good ways to enjoy it. Thanks!

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  1. U slice 'em thin and saute with a little butter. I do like a splash of tangerine with them. Or Lemon

    1. Any evidence of stem - don't bite it off. It can be toxic - the seeds should also be considered toxic.
      Otherwise, they're wonderful as a component in fruit salads or as an addition of fruit to a green salad and they can, of course, be eaten by themselves as you might consume any other type of fruit. I would not try cooking with them. IMHO, they're much too delicate to subject to the rigors of cooking.
      I think they'd work well as a component in a whipped drink (milkshake, smoothie, etc.) or as an ingredient in ice cream or sherbet.

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        I was thinking about an ice cream as well. I might try making a drink too. I think I'll be needed a few more of these to play with.

      2. In Bolivia the 2 most common uses for cherimoya, aside from eating fresh were in ice cream and batidos, milk shakes w/ ice. I just wish I could afford them here.

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          I ate mine tonight in a similar way. Diced the flesh and squeezed a little meyer lemon juice on top with a sprinkle of sugar, then topped it off with a small dollop of chantilly cream. So good.

        2. I think they taste like bananas and pineapple mashed together.