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Jan 25, 2009 02:32 PM

Kensington recommendations?

Moving there next week so looking for any and all recommendations! Restaurants, coffee shops, bagels, supermarkets, street food - basically anything. Nearby 'hoods too. Thanks all!

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  1. You've come to the right place...now enter that rectangular area up top known as the "search this board" function. You might first head over to STD Liquors on Church between McDonald and Dahill, score 2 bottles of Kumkani (South African) Sauvignon Blanc for a mere bag o' shells ($10), then step into the new "Basmati" near East 3rd Street and begin your Kensington eating odyssey.

    1. join the Kensington List Serve group and check the archives


      The Farm on Adderly is not bad http://www.thefarmonadderley.com/

      Enzo's on Prosepect Park West and 16th in Windsor Terrace is fine and not too expensive.
      best advice is to buy a car. We drive to Fairway to shop. ( used Shop Rite on McDonald and I before which does carry bread from Le Brea


      There are lots of neighborhood better than mediocre places but no place I'd go out of the way for

      1. Well I've been in the neighborhood a while and am pleased with the options! First off I think that AM-Thai on McDonald off Albemarle is the best restaurant in the area. Quite simply I feel it's the best Thai food I've had in NYC outside of Queens. Also, I'm a big fan of Los Poblanos' tacos (Church and 8th I think.) Faro is good for breakfast, and I'm gonna say it - Gyro King fills a certain craving late at night as does the 24 hour street meat cart at the corner of Church and McDonald. Finally, Golden Farm is a godsend.

        1. Lots of posts already. Get a bicycle, it will greatly expand your choices.

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            Most of the other posts are old. I could also get a metrocard and go to Queens. Thanks for your non-input.

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              OH! Smack down... dang :)

              Anyway, I used to live in Kensington and I always really enjoyed the Russian meat Market/Deli counter called Select Meats (Church between 4th and 5th? - it has a dark blue awning with white font). Granted, the meat case isn't aiming for the Organic, Local, Slo-Fo movement, but it's pricing blows Foodtown on McD out of the water and it's GOOD... it was my go-to for fresh meat in the nabe when I didn't have time to get FD delivered or stop at a butcher. There is also a small but very affordable deli counter. Steamed ham for $4/lb, feta for $4/lb, and all sorts of other slicing cheeses and cold-cuts that are VERY reasonably priced. The dry goods are limited... but the best part is the woman (who I believe) owns it is so sweet. It's a small operation and one I was always happy to support. Agree w/ you on Golden Farm - I miss it so since I moved away...