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Jan 25, 2009 02:28 PM

Westend Bistro recently?

I was wondering if anyone's been to Westend Bistro recently. My husband and I are planning to go there with friends next wknd. I know the beginning months were a bit hit-or-miss but I've heard that the menu has been expanded and other "dramatic" improvements have been made recently.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. So since no-one responded to my original post, I'll be "that girl" and respond myself!! :-)
    We went to Westend Bistro on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. The decor was great...sleek and sexy. I ordered the chestnut soup to start and it was absolutely incredible...probably one of the best soups I've ever had. One of our friends ordered the sliders and raved. The one negative was the fried calamari (which is usually decent anywhere you go). It just wasn't good. It had a weird taste and was cut up in rather small pieces...very weird for such a common appetizer.
    Five out of six of us ordered the roasted chicken served with cornbread stuffing...delicious!!! The chicken was extremely tender, moist, and juicy. We all loved it. Our other friend ordered the red snapper and enjoyed it.
    For dessert, we loved the chocolate caramel cream but the pecan pie had too many pecans in it (if that makes any sense).
    We had a nice Ridge Zinfandel, as well as a nice Cabernet that I can't remember off-hand.
    Overall, we loved Westend and would highly recommend it!

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      Thanks for the update, Joann! I haven't been to the Westend Bistro for a while. I've always liked the atmosphere, but have yet to be wowed by the food. The roasted chicken dish sounds delicious. Look forward to trying it Thanks again.

    2. My wife and I went to Westend Bistro this weekend and were rather disappointed (perhaps our expectations were too high, given the calibre of chef?). While the service, ambience, and prices were all very good, we found that the actual execution didnt match the intriguing descriptions.

      As with the original poster, we had the fried calamari to start--small squares of calamari coated in a limp batter. Also had the mussels in broth with chorizo; the mussels themselves were very plump but the broth wasnt particularly flavorful.

      From there, I went with the shortribs which were very tender but, again, lacking in flavor. I added more seasoning to see if I could dial up the taste. My wife had the black truffle gnocchi with poached egg; a nice dish but one that the truffle didnt add anything to.

      I would probably go again and order differently, but would like to hear from other Chowhounds on the dishes that really stand out. Sadly, ours didnt.

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      1. re: ooroger

        We ate there several months ago and it was very good. Not incredible, but very good. It's been a while, so hard to recall the dishes.

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          Any updates on this Restaurant? (still thinking in the Restaurant for Anniversary celebration...)

          1. re: helenahimm

            I've eaten there but not recently. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either. I expected more for the price. The dishes to me seemed a little simple and stripped down. Nothing that I couldn't make at home myself. If I pay that much, I want something a little more elaborate and creative.
            If you're in that neighborhood, I would try Ris around the corner. So much better.

            1. re: helenahimm

              I went a couple of months ago and had a wonderfully seasonal dinner. Most of the dishes I had probably aren't still on the menu, except for the burger (which is yummy!). But I really liked the restaurant and really should pay them a visit to see what they are doing during the colder months.

              When I was there I got a truly delicious tomato soup with tomato water, a variety of tomatoes and some herbs. So so good! You can read more about my meal here

          2. Ugh....just returned from dinner there. Simple enough; ordered a market salad and steamed mussels. Both were total misses...salad had so much salt on it, I felt like Secretariat every time I took a bite. Mussels...some tasted 'off', most were overcooked. Couple that with a bumbling, confused wait staff. This is Eric Ripert's foray into DC? Good God, man.