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Jan 25, 2009 02:14 PM

All Clad Grill Pan -- Can it go into broiler?

The pan is partly non-stick -- does this mean I can't use it in my broiler?

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  1. Partly? As in the interior? Then no, it cannot go under the broiler.

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    1. re: mateo21

      From All-Clad:

      All-Clad Nonstick Round Grill Pan:

      All-Clad LTD pans have 3 layers, bonded together to ensure even heating. The pure aluminum core is fused between the extra-thick, anodized exterior and the durable, nonstick cooking surface, which won't react with food. Handles are fastened with non-corrosive rivets. Pan will never scratch, chip or peel.

      What's the danger of using it in the broiler, damage to the pan?

      1. re: chowcito

        I believe the broiler would be too hot for the non-stick surface. I also never use my non-stick on high heat on a burner.

    2. Non-stick coatings are said to be safe to 450° F, say oven roasting, most broilers operate between 500°F and 550°F.

      A quick google search about non-stick and broiling will show most manufacturers state it is not oven safe.

      DuPont acknowledges that the fumes from non-stick cookware can sicken people...

      The release of toxic fumes from nonstick cookware is known to kill pets...

      Nonstick coatings can give off irritating or poisonous fumes when heated to high.

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      1. re: Demented

        I am trying to buy a new small broiler pan and they almost all are non-stick!

      2. If the pan has a Teflon coating you cannot use it in the broiler, or over high heat. I'd suggest that you spend $20.00 a buy a cast iron grill pan that would be impervious to the heat generated by a broiler.