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Jan 25, 2009 01:18 PM

Late Night Dumplings/Tofu/Chinese/Asian Food - Rowland Heights

My sister and I have had late night cravings for dumplings, noodles, Chinese, name it...if it's Asian we probably have craved it. I actually live in Upland, and I know there's no decent "real" Chinese/Asian places around here. I'm close to Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, and Hacienda Heights...and our cravings really do only occur late at night...say around 10pm or later. We've had difficulty finding places open that late, and are not so sure about the places we find that are open that late. Please provide us with some great late night CH recs so that we can exhaust these cravings. TIA.

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  1. There's a Korean place called Nodaji in Yes Plaza on Fullerton and Colima (in Rowland Heights) that is open until 4AM. In the same plaza, there's Banana Bay for Thai food that is also open late.

    1. A lot of the Taiwanese places in Rowland Heights, particularly the beer restaurants are open extremely late. Not sure if that's your kind of cuisine, though. This would include places like Taiwan Beer House, Class 302 and Jurassic.

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        So long as the food is good, I think it would be easy for us to like the cuisine. Thanks!

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          Drive around Rowland Heights, esp. the parts that hug the 60 fwy.

          At night, you'll see pockets of glowing light -- these usually are strip malls where Taiwanese joints and boba places are scattered across the landscape like freckles on a young teenager.

          Another tell-tale sign of what good eats are open late? Look for clusters of tricked out Hondas, Mazdas, Acuras with decked JDM parts. Find enough Recaro sports seats and Brembo brake ktis at 1 a.m., and you'll no doubt have found a place with good Chinese and Taiwanese food.

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            Second the rec on following the Fast & Furious crowd....

            1. re: J.L.

              As true as it is, it was a hilarious posting. Though I'd be worried about running into the occasional asian gangster or two.

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                What's there to fear?

                Bring a couple of cans of NOS for their turbo chargers and you'll be welcomed like a long-lost brethren.

      2. Life Plaza opens up really late. Yes, that's the name of the place. It's in Diamond Plaza on Fullerton Rd in Rowland Heights.

        Life Plaza
        1370 Fullerton Rd # 103-106, Rowland Heights, CA

        1. BCD Tofu and Leung Kee are some other places that are open pretty late, maybe midnight or later I think.

          Leung Kee (formerly Sam Woo BBQ)
          18908 Gale Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

          BCD Tofu House
          1731 Fullerton Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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            BCD is open until 2AM on Friday and Saturday nights. I wasn't feeling very well last night, and my sister and I made a run at about 10PM. Got the Bulgogi/Assorted Tofu soup combo (medium spicy) and it cleared my symptoms like nothing else. The boiling hot soup and the hot barley tea was like medicine. Awesome rec...THANKS!