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Jan 25, 2009 01:18 PM


wondering if there're any especially good deli/carryout versions in queens/b'klyn?

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  1. I'm not a maven so I can't really address 'especially good'---not enough basis for comparisons. Plus, this is something that I only enjoy in limited quantities. Because I've only had 'not especially good' taramosalata? Or just because, like baba, it's something I enjoy in small doses? Whatever.

    With that disclaimer, I have totally enjoyed Sahadi's prepared stuff. A little fishy all the times I've had it but it seemed right. IMO less fish flavor would just be too white bread.

    1. I'm thinking Titan in Astoria probably carries it. We occasionally buy a container from the International food store across the street from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on Northern Blvd. in Auburndale/Bayside. It's between Utopia and Franny Lew.

      1. Best I've encountered have been the homemade versions at Greek House Foods on 30th Ave and Mediterranean Foods on 34th St (near 30th Ave) or the one on 31st St closer to Ditmars.

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          S'Agapo in Astoria.

          If you're in Brooklyn, Agnanti in Bay Ridge.

          Those are restaurants, but you can get it to go. Also in Bay Ridge, the Greek specialty store Hellas on 4th and 87th makes excellent homemade Taramosalata, but you need to get it when its freshly made. If theyve already put it in the fridge -- as opposed to sitting out on the counter -- then you should skip it.

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            Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue has excellent take out taramosalata.

        2. the best taramosalata at greek house foods in astoria on 30th ave and 33rd street next to the fruit market.. its a cute place that has everything!

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            most of the astoria places that sell taramosalata in a clear plastic, no-name container will tell you that it is home made. some of them will be honest and admit that it's just bulk Krinos taramosalata that they repackage and sell. but truth is, greek house foods, titan, euromarket, med foods etc. all sell the exact same product. go ahead, buy a small container at each place and then go home and compare. they are all identical, as far as i could tell. and they all charge more or less the exact same price, which would be really unlikely if they were all using their own recipes and labor. most of the restaurants in astoria, however, do make it homemade, and each one is vastly different in taste and texture and varies modestly in the recipe. but the supposedly homemade stuff in the stores is just bulk Krinos, as the deli guy at euromarket was honest enough to tell me. in fact, it's the same stuff you can buy in the Krinos glass jar, but for some reason it does taste better and fresher when they sell it from the bulk lot. it kind of bummed me out when i realized that the sweet woman at greek house foods was stretching the truth quite a bit with "of course i make it fresh every week with my own recipe."