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Jan 25, 2009 12:37 PM

The Spot in Hartford, CT?

Hey-has anyone been to The Spot on New Britain Ave in Hartford?
There was recently a little article about it in the Courant so I went to check it out yesterday only to discover that they didn't have any hot dogs. Needless to say I was bummed. I ended up with a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich while my SO had a burger. They were both ok but they didn't hit the Spot so to speak.
The hot dogs on the menu look promising. I was poised to try a Kraut dog (with mustard) and a Euro (tomatoes, onions and cucumber sauce...interesting no?).
The staff said that they've never run out of hot dogs so hopefully that's true.

Anyway, please post with any experience you've had at this place.
Now that Rosco's closed I'm really needing a good hot dog fix.

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  1. They did get a favorable write-up in the Courant, thanks for your post! I too am lamenting the loss of Rosco's.

    Have you been to Five Guys in Avon? Their hot dog isn't bad (NOT as good as Rosco's, but in a pinch...).

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      I've tried the dogs at 5 guys and I do like them however 5 guys is actually one of the few places that I enjoy eating a burger so I generally stick with that.
      If you're a dog lover though--I can't recommend Saint's on the Plainville/Southington line high enough. They have a big menu but I can't help myself from ordering their famous Chili Cheese Dog. The dog itself is snappy and a little spicy. It's on a NE style bun (of course) which is kind of toasted on the sides. They put American Cheese in the bun under the dog and then dress the dog with their awesome (beanless) chili. I try hotdogs everywhere but nothing measures up to Saints for chili cheese.

      I'm hoping to head back to the Spot this week sometime. I have a feeling this will be another of many posts I've made where I end up replying to myself because no Chowhounds have replied to me.

      1. re: masha bousha

        Mickey's on Pitkin St in East Hartford (right off Rte 2) has a really tasty chili cheese dog. It is an 8" beef dog on a grilled New England style roll too and the chili is not too spicy (beanless) also but really tasty. You can either get it to go and have them put the mustard and kraut or you can get tem on a plate and put the mustard and kraut yourself at the condiment table. It is a real favorite of mine and I have to get there at least once a month.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. The Nathan's in Glastonbury uses a natural casing dog and is on my regular rotation of hot dog places that I go to. Some of the Nathan's I've been to do not. The Mickey's dog I mentioned earlier is similar (but better) than the Ranch House dog. The Ranch House gives you a choice of hot or mild chili. I prefer mild.

      2. I also tried "The Spot" based on the review and left pretty dissapointed. Went for breakfast, had an average breakfast sandwich and homefries, but the whole setup is a little weird. It's like half self-serve when you eat inside... and they don't make it clear which part they do. Ended up waiting forever for water (and being told to wait) when I could've just got it myself.

        1. Capitol lunch in New Britain is a personal favorite since I was a little kid. The place has been around since 1900 (it looks it, it's a hole in the wall) but get the meat sauce and you'll be hooked.

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          1. re: Matthoc116

            Thanks...been there...done that. It took me a while to come around on their meat sauce though because it's kind of strange but I do love some Cappy dogs!