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Jan 25, 2009 12:14 PM

You're favorite Once a Week Meal

To make a long story short, growing up we had a summer home. Now during the winter every weekend we drove up there (nothern MI, from Detroit, 4 hr+ drive) so Friday dinner once we got there was tuna fish, grilled cheese, canned soup, and no time. Late Sun we would head home so usually leftovers we froze. However my Mom was a teacher so summers were free. Every week during the summer we had special nights. It was fun ... Friday was always a fish night. Fried bass or perch, potatoes on the grill, coleslaw and anything else that people brought if friends stopped over Another was always soup and salad and another usually something with the deer we killed that winter or pheasant or rabbit. But it was great because I really learned to eat alot of different foods growing up.

Monday, Soupp, Sandwish and Salad; Wed, usually something from the freezer ... Venison, Pheasant, or Rabbit, most likely stewed but always good; Friday, Fish Fry; Pizza night, usually thrown in whenever

We never held to it that much but it just became a tradition and it was fun. Never the same but a great handed down tradition.

Do you have a favorite dinner or planned meal?

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  1. Were the Friday night fish fries because of Catholicism? They're still a tradition in the town my dad grew up in--Wisconsin German Catholic.
    My mom liked to pull out all the stops for Sunday dinner--a roast or steaks or the like, in the "good" dining room, with linens, silver and china, etc. It was a big undertaking, and I can remember well the care with which we dried that silverware. Then came Sunday afternoon "nap" (I didn't figure that one out till my brother-in-law explained it to me) and the Sunday evening meal was almost always pizza delivered. Sometimes we had pancakes or waffles, but in any case it was the only time of the week that we watched tv--60 Minutes and the Disney movie--while we were at the table in the family room.
    I'd love to give my son such a feeling of rhythm and knowing what to expect in his life, but the only thing he knows to expect is pasta a couple times a week.

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      Cool, fish always other than the regular year, summers yes. Sunday usually traveling but when up north a big potroast or ribs slow cooked something. Love the pizza. I remember watching the disney movie too.

      Does that age us, lol?

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        How about watching Bonanza on Sunday night with popcorn or pizza? (That was Sunday, wasn't it?) And a big fancy meal like a roast earlier in the day, just like you.

        We grew up with the Friday fish tradition. Sometimes at a Wisconsin tavern, just as you described, with the coleslaw, rye bread, and beer (for the adults.) Now that we live in a neighboring state, it's still a special treat to seek out a neighborhood restaurant that does the Friday night tradition.

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          OMG I remember Bonanza and popcorn with lots and lots of butter, :)

    2. Omelets and champagne... our favourite quickie dinner. this happens about once a week on some random night when we just can't stand the aggro of really cooking and we both need a drink. It's definitely one of my favourite meals.

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        Very cool, like it. I would do mango juice and champagne (good if you never had it) or cranberry, blueberries and champagne I use lots of flavors. Sounds like a yummy dinner. LOVE omelettes!

      2. Saturday night is such a crazy night to try to get a table in a restaurant, that it has always been homemade pizza night at my house. We make a batch of homemade crust once a month and freeze it for the weekends. On Saturday afternoon, we make homemade sauce and prepare the toppings: brown the sausage, saute the onions and green pepper. It's divine!

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          Good job, love that.

          We too sometimes had pizza night. Not weekly but got crust for a local pizza place. I like veggies we had a summer garden, Dad liked pepperoni ... Mom liked mushroom and onions. I liked everything. It was fun, everyone helped and we drank Sangria and enjoyed a good salad, usually from the garden, fresh veggies. And a good movie to follow..

        2. I don't have a 'once a week' special but if I'm feeling lazy I pull out some frozen soup and nuke it. Or maybe just make some soup from scratch with frozen stock.

          1. We do taco's or enchilada's at least once a week. Or some times if we are really busy and short on time we just do Nacho's. We always have at least one Mexican night a week though. Also another fun thing we do that has become a tradition if my daughter gets all A's on her report card ( she is in 2nd grade) then we have a pancake supper. Sometimes I make it or sometimes we go to I hop she loves that and she works really hard to get all A's we always let her invite a friend as she is an only child it's really fun.

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              I was an only child, my dinner was waffels how funny with strawberries and whipped cream. Mom used to make it with 3 pieces of bacon I still remember it. We had a butcher in the summer in town and he had the most amazing maple thick sliced bacon. I could eat tons of it. I like the Mexican night too.

              Short note. I always have a can of refried and black beans, green chilis, always have onion, cheese and salsa. Sort of staples for me. Sometime I'll take some beans chilis or chilpoltes, onions salsa and make a bean mix, stuff in tortillas add cheese and roll up (I did buy those and sour cream on the way home) Heat up in foil and serve. A great salad and some Mexican rice right from the pantry is a perfect quick fix dinner and so much better than take out. Besides ... kids can get involved making the wraps. Black beans corn, salsa, onions and cheese is also great. Any combo works.