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Jan 25, 2009 11:57 AM

Great Coffee Near North/Streeterville/Loop Bkfst?

Coming from the Pacific Northwest. All I find around the near north on Google maps are Starbucks ad nauseum. Any good LOCAL coffee place or breakfast place with good coffee? Thank you for any help; I've studied the board and picked up Fox and Obel Market for pastry maybe (coffee?); is Mimi's closed (web page comes up but someone on board said last year it was closed) - anyone know or been there? I may call them and see.

Late night dining after a show at the Ruskin (Michigan and Balbo) helpful too while I'm here -- have Miller's for late night and Mercat (but maybe too expensive for us).

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  1. I'm not a coffee drinker, but local coffee drinkers swear by Intelligentsia Coffee and claim it is the best coffee around. They have two local stores in the Loop, at 53 West Jackson and 53 East Randolph, and one in Lakeview. You can find directions to each of their stores on their website at

    You'll find more recommendations for Intelligentsia and other coffee places in the discussion at

    As for late night dining near Michigan and Balbo, that's right near the Hilton Chicago. Numerous recommendations in that immediate area are posted in the discussion at That topic has links to the restaurant websites, which you can check to see their hours and verify whether they are open late enough.