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Jan 25, 2009 11:50 AM


prefer a restaurant strong on pasta and a good red sauce

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  1. I haven't been in a number of years, but I recall having a positive experience at Gennaro on Amsterdam (92nd/93rd).

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    1. re: Desidero

      Gennaro is absolutely fantastic. Fabulous food. Way more than a 'red sauce' place.

    2. Are you looking for "red sauce Italian American" (e.g., veal parmesan, spaghetti & meatballs, etc.) or are you looking for just good red sauce? If it's the latter Gennaro might work and there's also Celeste -- they have a very nice red sauce that I think you can get on gnocchi and on penne with mozzarella. Sometimes it can be salty but I think they use San Marzanos and it's quite good.

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      1. re: JMJD

        shoot me ,,but the ragu meat sauce at carmines is probably their best dish and not bad,,, I cant believe i just recommended carmine's

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Carmines!!!!!!!! and the staff is always so nice-been going there for years and will continue to do so.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            honestly, i always had reccomending carminesm but I enjoy alot of the dishes there. Stay away from the stuffed mushrooms though. They put red pepper in the stuffing....Tastes like you'rte eating red pepper stuffed mushrooms...

            1. re: italianagambino

              is this chowhound? are you serious with Carmines? Gennaro is pretty bad to....Celeste good for the price, Cesca is ok, salumeria rossi is new and interesting However, none of these places fit the red sauce type of place the OP is looking for....UWS is rather devoid of quality italian places, but carmines sucks on so many levels...

                1. re: Cpalms

                  Yea I'm gonna have to second that. I boycott Carmine's for the mere fact they have those annoying vibrating pagers to tell you when you're table is ready. This is NY, not Florida.

                  Anyway, try Nonna on Columbus at 85th Street.


                  1. re: UWStoSONO

                    nonna is uneven. but worth trying....

                  2. re: Cpalms

                    I never said it was the best, but carmines, all be it a chain, it's NOT BAD food.

                    1. re: italianagambino

                      Not bad? since when is this board about finding not bad food? it's terrible and practically an insult to my Italian-American's akin to what mexican's must feel about Taco Bell.... the best red sauce italian CLOSE to the UWS is Patsy's on 56th...

                      1. re: Cpalms

                        its all about expectations. if you are in the mood for big portions that have little depth of flavor, but alot of heavy flavor.. then a place like carmines works....

                        1. re: Cpalms

                          Clearly I'm italian american too......TO EACH IS OWN, Cplams..TO EACH IS OWN..Not here to argue.

              1. well, I dont know how far uptown you would go, but I love Max Soha- very old time grandma type cooking- always a wait though- cheap in price but so good-
                its on Amstedam and 123
                also -I always liked coppola's on W79th btw ams. and broadway- also just really good old school Italian

                1. i personally love celeste and think it has the best pasta on the UWS. i like their paccheri. it has a really nice, tomatoe-y sauce. their special pasta of the day is usually some sort of egg noodle and the sauce is generally not tomatoe-y. i wouldn't get the gnocchi either.

                  of course, i haven't been to 'cesca, so can't vouch for that. carmines? hmmmm, it's okay, but it's not what you'd call "quality". it's just your average comfort italian food. gennaro has seemed a little salty to me in the past. i know it sounds weird, but i had one really decent pasta at al dente on amsterdam in the 70's somewhere. i also heard that pisticci's up on la salle (two blocks south of 125th and broadway) was really good. i haven't been to salumeria rosi either.

                  let us know if you find something good! what are your favorite pasta places elsewhere in the city? i have a few favorites... :)

                  1. if the OP is looking for classic red sauce itailan, while I do like some of the places mentioned only Carmine's fits that discription. It's been a while since I ate there, but I'm thinking Capolla's on 79th would also fit the request which was for the best red sauce Italian, not the best Italian, and I'll add Deans to the list also. There non pizza items are pretty.