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Jan 25, 2009 11:39 AM

Addresses in Nashville for Limey Nose Bag

Hello... I'm moving from the UK to Nashville, Tennesse in a couple of months and to be honest I'm not looking forwad to it on account of the food, but my missus insists we go so she can be closer to her mother.

To make me feel at home, can anyone help me find places in and around nashville that cook the kind of food we have in the English Midlands?

OK, so favourite first - fish and chips with curry sauce and pickled onions. Faggots (don't laugh, or get upset, they're a kind of savoury meat ball) and Mushy Peas? Pork Scratchings and a pint of Mild. Grorty Dick or Pudding - a kind of winter beef stew. Lamb Biryani with naan. Roe and Chips. Eggs, Chips and Beans with sliced white bread and butter. Sausage Rolls. Cold Toast. Donner Kebab, chilli sauce, lemon juice. Tandori Chicken. Dominos Pizza. Big Johns.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Not much British food here. Really, none that comes to mind right away. But plenty of good Indian food: look for Woodlands, Shalimar, Sitar, Bombay Palace and Best of India on these boards. Mostly concentrated on the west side of town.
    You can also buy British groceries at certain Publix locations, at Global Market near Fort Negley and there's a small UK section at Whole Foods.
    And for sure, we have plenty of cold toast here. Burnt, too, if you want it.

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      Hello Fluffernutter... Thanks for the references. I spoke to my missus today and I told her about your recommendations. She said that would be helpful... although she pointed out that it's Memphis we're moving to. Sorry!
      Is Memphis an good for food from the English Midlands?

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        Honestly, British food isn't common at all in the US. There used to be a restaurant in Nashville that had a British theme, but I have no idea how authentic the food was and it's long gone.

        Since you're moving to Memphis instead of Nashville, you might want to start a new post with Memphis in the title. And pick up some British cookbooks to bring with you if your favorite dishes are that important to you.

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          I hate to break the bad news, but... Memphis doesn't have any true British food. Huey's (a local burger chain) does the closest thing you'll find to fish & chips. There;s a Dan McGuinness that at least claims to be a pub. You will be able to find good biryani and tandoori chicken. As far as pork scratchings go, we call them pork rinds or cracklin's here. You will find plenty of pork in general in Memphis. The cracklin's get better the further south you go. You will find some British goods in the grocery stores around town - especially Fresh Market and Whole Foods. As a Memphian who's spent some time in the UK, I have to tell you that the bread is not the same here (that's what I missed most when I came back), and Domino's Pizza in the UK is a completely different experience in the US, On a good note, the bread is getting better. Once the downtown farmers market opens in the spring, you can get decent bread, and there is a family with British roots who grow and sell British vegetables. Also, there are plenty of us around who would be more than happy to get together a British themed food event. That sort of thing is exactly the sort of thing that Slow Food Memphis goes for.