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Jan 25, 2009 11:30 AM

Thomasville GA

Any suggestions for breakfast, and dinner (Fried Seafood, Steak, BBQ) in this town or less than 30 min. drive for the last weekend in February.

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  1. For breakfast, check out Savannah Moon Bakery and Cafe, downtown on Broad St.

    For fish, if you're not looking for fancy, go to George and Louie's, just East of downtown. Get an app of fried green tomatoes and a glass of the Greek white wine to go with your fish dinner.

    I've heard good things about Jonah's Fish and Grits, but have not been there.

    If you want upscale, local/seasonal food, head to Liam's, downtown.

    For a great homestyle Southern buffet, try the Market Diner, inside the fence of the Farmer's Market on Smith Ave, East of downtown.

    For some of the BEST cheese you'll ever eat, head up Hwy 19 to the Sweet Grass Dairy store. Better yet, if you have time, call them and see if you can get a tour of the dairy and cheesemaking operation!

    BBQ is "iffy"... some folks (my DH included) like Granddaddy's, also on Smith Ave, but further East from the Market Diner. I'm not a big fan of this place. There's something about the rub they use that just "rubs me the wrong way"! :-)

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      Thanks - think I'll try George and Louie's - saw some other good reviews. I am a fan of fried green tomatoes if they are not in a thick flour batter. I like them dipped in cornmeal. Wish I could find some hoecakes like I had at the Tarrer Inn in Colquitt Ga on a group field trip last year.

      No upscale this time - I'll be in town for some field trips in the woods and wearing jeans. Unless I hook up with a friend, down there for more than the day trip, I'll be eating alone (except maybe some reading material). Would I stick out like a sore thumb at a table for 4, or be at a community table, if I make it to the Market Diner?

      Think I'll try for at least one breakfast at Savannah Cafe.

      I won't have time for the tour at Sweet Grass but I have tried their delicious cheese at Star Provisions in Atlanta:

      1. re: JHLI

        G&L's does the classic cornmeal crusted fried greens and I love the sauce they serve with.

        The Market Diner used to do hoecakes and they might still have them in the evenings. At lunch, they just have big pillowy yeast rolls. You'll be FINE eating there alone! The place is big and there's everything from big tables to little hightops. It's not fancy, but it's good eating.

        Waffle House or Huddle House (depending on where you're staying) are always passable breakfast stops before you head out to the woods.

        And, it's a chain and not great food, but the people are super nice... we often stop at Beef O'Bradys for wings or a burger when we are grungy from doing doggie stuff. I really like the owners and it's just a nice, reliable place to grab a bite and a beer. You can sit at the bar alone and will probably find a few other friendly solo diners to chat with, if you desire.

        1. re: onrushpam

          Great news on the GFT's. Thanks again. Yeast rolls are another favorite. And WH and HH are my standbys when I don't know of an independent place to try and support. May look up Beef O'Bradys. Next to the food it's friendly owners who make a spot worth visiting.

          1. re: JHLI

            If you're in Tville, you gotta get some chili dogs at the billiard hall downtown. They're legendary.

            As for BBQ, is JB's BBQ heading towards Tallahassee still around? I live in NC now but when I was in Tallahassee we used to have good bbq meals at JB's.

            1. re: bbqme

              JB's closed a few years back, unfortunately.

              Market Diner, however, is still going strong. Was just there in late December and the buffet remains better than any Southern food one can get in the Triangle area.

              1. re: mikeh

                I was in the area around the holidays as well. Favorite meal was going down to Panacea and loading up on grouper, shrimp, stone crab claws, smoked mullet, mullet roe, and crab dip. Made for a memorable New Year's eve meal.

                Love the trangle but the seafood in the Tally area just can't be beat.

                1. re: bbqme

                  Was that at the newly revived Angelo's or a more obscure hole in the wall that I should try next time I'm down that way? Or, did you load up on fresh supplies and cook up a feast back where you were staying - I love doing that too.

                  1. re: mikeh

                    Angelo's is close to my heart but this time we stopped at My Way Seafood and another new place (blanking on the name) nearby and loaded up.

      2. re: onrushpam

        Have just learned that a friend may be coming down for my field trip Sunday but arriving late Saturday night, maybe 8-8:30. So will either G&L's or Market Diner still be serving. Which would be better choice Friday? Saturday? considering above and crowds. Is Homecoming an alternative if those two are closing or crowded? I am staying on the east side at Jameson Inn.

        1. re: JHLI

          Market Diner and Homecoming both close fairly early. G & L's is open until 9:00. You might also try Fishbonz. I haven't been there, but have heard it's okay. I think they have music in the bar on Friday and Saturday nights, so may be open later.
          I used to like Mom & Dad's, an Italian place that's been there forever. They''re open pretty late. But, the last two times we went there, the service was AWFUL and our food was ruined by waiting so long to be delivered to our table. I've also heard really good things about Joshua's Fish & Grits. Despite the name, it's a nice place. I don't think they have a wine/beer/liquor license yet.

          Worst case, Beef O'Brady's will still be open for wings or a burger.

          Don't expect any of these places to be crowded. You might need a ressie for Liam's, but not for any of these.

          1. re: JHLI

            One other suggestion, if you like cheeses you need to check out the cheeses made by Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville.


            1. re: bbqme

              Wish I had time for the Sweet Grass tour. I have had their cheese - it is sold in Atlanta in a few locations - it is very good. I may have time to get by the store before I leave.

        2. I would also agree that hot dogs from the billiard hall (or the "pool room" as we always called it growing up) served "all the way" with mustard, onion and chili are a must. I recommend letting them sit in the white paper wrappers for a few minutes so that it all melds together.
          Regarding George and Louie's, I recommend the Greek salad.
          For real southern cooking with large portions, I recommend heading towards Ochlocknee, GA to the original Homecoming restaurant. If it is now closed, there is a newer version closer to Thomasville on Hwy 19. Try the Coleslaw.