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Superbowl: East side/Downtown without the "mass"-factor?

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Hi folks -
Any suggestions re: a place to catch the game, have some good grub and drinks on the East side or
Downtown that will not be over-run with people? We'd prefer not to end up at a zoo like we know the ESPN zone downtown will become.
Thinking more along the lines of Taix on Sunset - or another neighborhood joint that has a few well placed TVs and a decent bar menu.
We're in Eagle Rock - so are happy to go to Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, Pasadena or Downtown.
I know this crowd will have some good pointers for us.
We're a small group - 4 to 6 ppl. - and the price range is not a big issue. Any type of food - bar grub or otherwise, as long as it's tasty is welcome.


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