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Jan 25, 2009 10:30 AM

Good Turkish in Queens?

Does anyone have some recommendations for a good authentic Turkish restaurant in Queens?

I have some guests in from Tokyo who say they can't get Turkish there and really miss it. It doesn't have to be fancy but would prefer something more like a sit down restaurant with more than just grilled meats (both guests do not eat meat). I know there are some in Sunnyside and I read something about one in Rego Park. Anybody have any good experiences to share?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. used to really like Hemsin, but they are gone, and now it's seafood turkish place which hasn't really gotten much buzz here and I have'nt tried it...more pricey also. Mangal in Sunnyside, generally has favorable reviews, and the place across the blvd, has had some complaints recently about undercooked chicken and nasty delivery, and menu discripancies.......can't remember the name at the moment. The place in Rego Park, is pretty good. In the city, I like Ali Baba on 34th, and a lot of people like Turkish Kitchen on 3rd ave (but I prefer Ali Baba and it's less expensive). There is also, a Turkish place that someone mentioned in Briarwood several months ago, maybe do a search and it will come up, don't remember the name, sorry,

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        I get take-out from Mangal occasionally and think it's quite good. Any of the kabobs are highly recommended.

    1. I enjoy Istanbul in Rego Park, great appetizers w/out meat.

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        I second Istanbul on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park. Get the appetizer platter---it's all veggie and it's fantastic! I would ask for no Russian salad on the platter, though---it's a completely out of character mayonaisey salad. We normally get the lamb gyro (which is delicious!), but I seem to remember there being several eggplant dishes available. The place looks a bit like a dive from the street, but the dining area is clean and comfortable, with pleasant service.

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          While Mangal is my fav for a chicken doner on turkish bread with a little baba ganoush they don't have a big non meat selection. The seating is like a pizza place.
          I think Kebab House on Northern Blvd. in Little Neck is more of what you are looking for.
          Great eggplant salad and other non meat dishes.
          See attached link to their website.


        2. I second the Kebab House in Little Neck. It has particulalarly superb mezes. Try any eggplant dish they are serving. I would also recommend The Turkish Grill on Queens Blvd., 42-03 Queens Blvd. to be exact. I've travelled to Turkey six times and know the cuisine. This place has never disappointed me.

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