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Trouble finding good indian food

I'm having trouble finding good Indian food in teh DC/Alexandria area. Does anyone have a recommendation to pass along?

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  1. I really like Heritage India in Dupont, but I'm not an expert on Indian food - I've just really enjoyed my meals there.

    1. I really like Indique in Cleveland Park. If you want somewhere that's high-end and a bit more creative, I would definitely try Rasika in Penn Quarter. We did the tasting menu and everything from the cod to the curries were incredible. I believe they also have a three-course pre-theater menu for $30 (much cheaper than the tasting menu!!).
      For more low-key and casual, Mehawk in Chinatown is always solid.

      1. Bombay Curry Co. in the Del Ray section of Alexandria is very good across the board. One of the few places where it's hard to order wrong, but definitely take a look at the Tandoori wings, they are a perfect dish. The chaat here is all good stuff.

        In DC, the Street Hawker menu at Heritage Dupont is a real good choice.

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          The hawkers menu is only offered at Heritage in Dupont? What's on the hawkers menu?

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            Bhel puri, chaat papri, gobi massalam, all kinds of chaat.

        2. The Fairfax area really has a lot of great Indian. There are many threads on it if you want to travel a bit search for the threads on Indian in the Fairfax area. Minerva I think is what I think my friends really like out there, although there are probably some others.

          1. Dito those on this blog.

            Heritage (Glover Park not DuPont) for most authentic, good indian

            Indique or Indique Heights for good mid range

            Rasika most creative high end Indian in swanky setting.

            Only one to add is Bombay Club in Farragut square (if it's still there) again very good high end Indian in a nice setting

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              Yeah....I am with the Rasika train....if you can't get good indian there........I can give you a number for United Airlines for your flight....cause it doesn't get any better than that....here in the states

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                Heritage for authentic? Last time I was there they offered not a single piece of meat still on the bone. All chicken is purely chunks of white breast meat. Unless they have changed their menu around. Do they even offer salty lassi? This is a place that has pulled its punches for a long time now.

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                  Okay easy there Steve--I switch the word authentic for traditional. Probably the only authentic you can get is in London or India these days (although I had fantastic indian in Africa this month--go figure)

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                    Actually excellent Indian food is found in certain countries in Africa such as Kenya and Uganda, due to the large Indian population. While I haven't had Indian food in London, my favorite Indian restaurant in the world is in Kampala.

                    I've eaten in everything from truck stops to high end in India. To keep this on topic for this board, I have to say that I haven't found a place here that does more than just evoke the memory. I haven't eaten at Rasika, but places that I like are Indique Heights, Punjab Dhaba in Falls Church, and Passage to India, although it's been a few years for the latter.

              2. I really like Indian Ocean in Van Ness (DC). Not high-end like Rasika, but very pleasant place with fresh, well-spiced and carefully-prepared food.

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                  I recommend Heritage in Glover Park. Indian friends of mine say that while Rasika is good, the dishes at Heritage (Glover Park, not Dupont Circle) are more traditional and are similar to what they eat back home. Plus the diningroom at Heritage is beautiful and comfortable. Service is generally good too.

                2. Can you make the schlep out West on the weekend? I promise it'll be worth your while. Saravana Palace, Angeethi and Mirchi (qualifier: I've only tried this place once, but would definitely try again). Used to go to Woodlands too...but have been more fixated on Saravana lately - both are vegetarian only and great for dosas!

                  Many on the board like Minerva, Bombay Curry Club, Bombay Curry Co and Raaga - I've tried them all few times and am only lukewarm towards these places. A surprisingly good place is Tandoori Nights in Clarendon...their lamb & chickpea dish (can't remember the Indian name) is delicious.

                  I must be ordering the wrong things at Heritage - I've tried both locations and didn't find either particularly memorable. Will have to try the Glover Park location again.

                  Rasika is great for a high-end, fusion, Indian-inspired meal...

                  Saravana Palace
                  11725 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030

                  645 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170

                  Mirchi Indian Cuisine
                  44260 Ice Rink Plz # 120, Ashburn, VA

                  Woodland Indian Vegtrn Restaurant
                  4078 Jermantown Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

                  Tandoori Nights Restaurant
                  2800 Clarendon Blvd, R 900, Arlington, VA 22201

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                    FYI, I have not had as much success with Woodlands in Fairfax as the outpost in Langley Park, MD which has a huge Indian clientele.

                    Have you tried Benjarong in Ashburn?

                    Don't worry about Heritage in Glover Park. The Heritage in Dupont has a special Street Hawker menu which has some very promising dishes.

                    I agree in principal that heading to the deep suburbs where the Indian population lives is an eye-opening experience, especially vegetarian S.Indian places like Saravana Palace or the Woodlands in Langley Park.

                    Thanks for the recs of Angeethi and Mirchi. Those are new to me. Any particular dishes you like?

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                      RE: ANGEETHI
                      I think Angeethi makes their own paneer (or has someone make it specially) and their Tandoori paneer is delish. They also have an intriguing "Balti" section of their menu, which I'd never heard of before and seems to have mixed reviews on. Tyler has a few solid recommendations on his page:

                      RE: MIRCHI
                      Their biryani is very good. They also have a "Chinese Indian" section to the menu - always interesting to pick something from that!

                      1. re: pleen

                        I really like Haandi in Falls Church (near rt. 66 & route 7). They have the best brick oven/tandoori salmon I have ever had. Never had a bad experience.

                  2. Thanks for the recommendations - so far I've tried Heritage India in Dupont, but was not that impressed. I'll keep trying!

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                      I'm not sure why, but Heritage India in Glover Park is so much better than the one in Dupont. As I said before, some of my Indian friends think the food at the Glover Park location is similar to what they're used to having back home. The other place they like is Rasika, although according to them, it isn't traditional Indian cuisine.

                        1. re: Steve

                          I wish I could remember the names of everything I had. My Indian friends usually do the ordering. I remember a paneer dish (very spicy), a cauliflower dish too, and some sort of fritters. Everything was vegetarian because my friends are vegetarian. I hope this helps somewhat.