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Jan 25, 2009 09:39 AM

Andrea Clurfeld [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

What happened to Andrea Clurfeld? And how about Don Wilno. He was the guy who would go out with the owner of Pete and Elda's and and do a useless review in the Saturday paper.

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  1. Every Wilno review seemed to laud some mediocre bar food. I don't think he ever ate anything fried that he didn't like.

    1. If Clurfeld is in fact MIA, the local restaurant industry is rejoicing. Referred to by Tricity News' Tom DeSeno as "an unfair, mean, cheap-shot artist who punches restaurants and never has to worry about a counter-punch," he countered about a year ago by offering restaurants free copies of this sign and urged them to display it prominently...

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      1. re: equal_Mark

        I agree about Wilno. Perhaps he has health issues again.

        I disagree about Clurfeld. While I didn't always agree with her, I found her fair and informative. I heard she is with the NYT now. TAD, on the other hand, I find to be pompous, overly judgmental, and often mis-focused.

        1. re: cantkick

          I personally witnessed Clurfeld letting personal animosities and business connections slant her coverage of particular establishments in both the AP Press and as regional editor of the NJ Zagat guide. If her move to the NY Times is true, it confirms my suspicions of the objectivity and credibility of that publication also.

      2. I believe there has been a lot of shuffling (and possible lay-offs) at the Asbury Park Press and Gannett. The last I heard she was reassigned to another dept at the Press but I did not confirm this.
        A casual search at the Times and even Google turned up nothing.

        1. I for one will truly miss her..........

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          1. re: chefMD

            The vicious smear campaign against her conducted by the alleged newspaper Tri City News was way over the top. They called her unspeakable (and probably unprintable on this website) names for the crime of not being in love with every dump that opened in or near Asbury Park. I never thought she was a great restaurant critic, but no one deserved to be excoriated the way she was by that bunch of dishonest hacks......

          2. I don't believe there's been a real restaurant review in the APP in at least 6 months and probably longer than that.

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            1. re: jsfein

              She left APP when they did their first round of layoffs many months ago. I have no idea where she went. Agree with jsfein that there are no longer reviews and infact because of the reduction in the paper I have cancelled my subsciption. I now rely on The Coaster for local news.

              1. re: SusieQQ

                Susie -- I'm sure I can figure out what "The Coaster" is via Google, but I've never heard of it. Local publication? Where can I pick one up?

                1. re: jsfein

                  There is know way that she would ever be working at the NYT's. Dont you remeember when she tried to review NYC restaurants? You dont, well thats how fast it came and went. They would eat her alive in NYC. She has done nothing for any resturant in NJ, except for Chris Mumford, Urs Moser and Nicholas. She has know idea what and/or how to run 1, She has killed some many dreams of chefs trying to make a living. Knowing that they put up so much money for a dream and she came in and would kill it because she would review them 2 days after opening. If it is true that she no longer works at the APP, this is a dream come true for many restaurant owners.

                  1. re: jsfein

                    The Coaster is a weekly paper published in Asbury. It comes out every Thursday. I receive mine by mail but I think you can buy at any place that sells newspaper.