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Jan 25, 2009 09:33 AM

Dress codes-Halifax

We're in the middle of planning our trip to Nova Scotia which will include 3 nites in Halifax. As we will be traveling over a two week period, we are trying to pack as light as possible. Where can we have a wonderful evening meal without bringing dressy clothes with us. My husband will have his dockers & nice shirt but nothing dressier.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Few restaurants in Halifax are truly "dressy", perhaps Du Maurizio and Bish. Your husband wouldn't be out of place at Chives, my personal recommendation for a "wonderful evening meal".

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      Great news. Plus Chives was on my list. Thanks for your reply.

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        I chuckled when I read your post because I can be a particularly "casual" fellow.

        On a visit to Halifax a number of years ago during a hot, sticky summer I called da Maurizio's to inquire whether they had a dress code and what it was. I began to get the "you will be more comfortable in..." line but interjected with a "that will be fine, I will be comfortable in what I am currently wearing" and went very casual.

        Partly as a result we got seated on the exterior fringe of the dining room and the service seemed hurried, i.e. get these two tourists in and out and turn over the table quick.

        To be fair, that stopped once I advised the server that we were going to have second bottle of wine and we were not in a rush.

        Terrific food. Their tagliatelle with quatro formaggi sauce and/or their pumpkin ravioli make my mouth water just thinking of it.

        Not sure what it is like now as it was a few years ago and the Bertossi family still owned it.

        What about BISH? Did they retain ownership of it? I have seen it panned here but the summer we were there [2nd year I think and chef whose name escapes me, the one who came over when Seasons in Thyme in Summerside, PEI closed, Stephen Czaplany (?)] had gone and Sgr. Mauricio Bertosi was back in his chef's whites].

        My fall-back going out dress is just what your husband prefers. Dockers and a nice collared shirt. You will do fine that way. Halfifax is a great dining city but it depends upon tourists and not necesarily the suit and tie business crowd.

        Enjoy your trip.

        Every year I think we'll return but have not done so for quite some time so will have to satisfy myself vicariously through posts from people like you.

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          Thank you Bob Mac. Both restaurants you mentioned were on our list too but had hesitated after reading the other reply. Unfortunately, our list is getting longer than nites we will be there.

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            My favourite Morris East does not require dressing up. FID might need a little more care, but there isn't anybody checking /chucking you out at the door.

            I don't suppose you are thinking of a side-trip to Fleru de Sel in Lunenburg (about an hour south of Hali)? Amazing food!

            1. re: LJS

              I've got Morris East on my list too. Yes, we will be going to Lunenburg. I've looked up Fleur de Sel and it sounds great. Thanks for the tip.