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Jan 25, 2009 09:30 AM

Peter Luger's -- Solo?

Has anyone ever done it by themselves, and does the menu (I've looked at it) even allow for a single portion of their signature dishes. Also, I would be doing it for lunch, not dinner, and was curious about the vibe around lunchtime? Is it all suits from nearby businesses or a mix of tourists in casual clothes and businessmen?

I'm in NYC on business and always wanted to try Luger's. I'll go with or without my colleagues who are also visiting from other cities. Any advice?

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  1. do it. you'll regret it if you don't. their steaks are indeed huge, but who says you can't take leftovers to your hotel and eat them for dinner?

    atmosphere is casual and luger's is far from "fancy", but if you went in a suit you wouldn't be out of place either. i'd go in either nice jeans or a dress for dinner depending on how i feel.

    also, order the creamed spinach.

    1. I wouldn't worry about the crowd. Not the classiest bunch. "Suits" from BK is rich.
      Tourists galore but you sound like you will not be in your I AM FROM NOWHERESVILLE garb.
      If you wear a suit or casual, you will be fine. They have single serving size steaks, porter and rib. Also, burger for lunch. If you go with others, you can mix that in there with the steaks. Or not. Hope it does you right.

      1. Yes you can definitely eat there by yourself. I had jury duty one time and went to do it.

        If you get a steak for one however, it will not be a fully porterhouse. It will be a sirloin. However, it's well worth going and trying. The hamburger is also only served at lunch and is also delicious

        1. Who cares about the sniffs and whispers of the hoi palloy! You go and enjoy your damn steak!

          1. Lunch is the perfect time to go by yourself. I work in the neighborhood and go there often as a single diner. I always get the burger....but do get the steak if you have never been.