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Jan 25, 2009 09:29 AM

Vegas - Great food at the Bar

We're headed to Vegas in a few weeks. My husband and I prefer to eat at the bar in restuarants so we can share food and don't feel pressured to leave the table. Plus we hate to get dressed up. Last time we passed through we were able to do this at B&B Ristaurante and it was perfect. Any similar suggestions?

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  1. Pretty much anywhere. At MGM Grand alone, we have done this at Craftsteak, Seablue, Fiamma and Nobhill. Bouchon. Mesa Grill. N9NE. Etc. But I don't think eating at the bar changes the way one should dress. After all, you're still in the same restaurant. Most places, nice jeans are ok.

    There are previous threads on this same topic, and you shouldn't have to scroll down very far or search very long to find them.

    1. Dressed up? For about the last 20 years, dressed up in Vegas has meant wearing a "semi" clean Nascar t-shirt and long pants (instead of shorts.) Vegas was much more civilized when the mob ran things.